Living the Life you Want: 5 Tips for Getting your Priorities Right

living my best life

In today’s fast-paced world, multitasking and juggling responsibilities are accepted as part of life. But when your priorities are in line, having a lot of hats doesn’t have to mean you are stressed out.

You can live the life you want and still accomplish your to-do list and cross off those mundane tasks. It just takes a bit of adjusting your perspective to spend most of your energy on the right priorities instead of on the wrong ones.

If you think it’s impossible to live life on your terms, try incorporating these tips into your days consistently.

Life is a Highway; Ride at Your Own Speed

Just like when you travel to your next destination, you can choose the scenic route or the same old way you always go. Sometimes when you adjust your route, you get to your goal faster and less stressed.

These tips can guide you on the roadmap of your journey to adjusting your priorities.

1. Don’t ignore the little bumps or they’ll become big ones. No matter what aspect of your life you’re dealing with, pay attention to the minor annoyances. Squeeze in a little time to smooth them over before they become huge potholes in your life.

Make a five-minute phone call to your estranged friend to touch base. Grab that CBD cream to soothe your aching muscles. Call the debt collector back before your account ends up in collections. 

Do it all now before you’re stuck dealing with it all later.

2. Take time for maintenance. Your car needs its oil and filters changed and tires rotated. Without this routine maintenance, it’s going to fail you when you need it most.

The same theory applies to your mind and body. Without regular maintenance in the form of self-care, your stress level is going to peak at inopportune moments. You’ll get sick, you’ll scream at someone unintentionally, or you’ll bottom out in other ways.

Make self-care a priority before it becomes a necessity.

3. Evaluate your current priorities. If you’re always running from place to place and crossing off tasks, you’re not working on getting ahead.

Step back and check out your to-do list for the week. What are you prioritizing over your health, wellness, and relationships? Is it worth putting those three things on the backburner?

4. Know your goals. Millions of people go through their days controlled by their responsibilities. Instead of letting your tasks dictate your life, take control by setting goals and working towards them.

If you don’t have long-term goals yet, start with little ones. What bill are you working hard to pay off? What vacation destination are you going to reward yourself with? How will you get these goals accomplished?

Start small and work your way up to five- and ten-year goals, then retirement plans. When you know where you’re headed, it’s easier to get there.

5. Set boundaries. Without boundaries, people will take advantage of your kindness. Learn to say no when your default response is yes

If you can’t turn them down right away, tell them you’ll check your calendar and get back to them. Don’t respond until you feel strong enough to hold your ground with a firm, “I can’t.”

When Your Focus is on Your Priorities, the Rest Falls in Place

It sounds simple in theory, but putting these tips into practice is life-changing. Nothing life-changing is easy.

You’re going to run into blocks. People are going to challenge your growth. Remind yourself that if they can’t support your journey into living the life you want, they’re the reasons the boundaries were necessary in the first place.

Set your goals, take care of yourself, and always take the road less traveled when you can. Your life will be in your control instead of controlling you.