We are all living in strange and unprecedented times as a result of the global pandemic and, for some, they may feel that they have nowhere to turn to for health matters when looking after your health. Common issues that would require a trip to your local doctor are going without the attention they would get without a moment’s thought under normal circumstances. For the majority, these may well just go away requiring little to no treatment. For some, however, even what might appear to be a minor irritation can manifest into something much more serious if it is not seen by a medical professional.

It is only natural that lockdown measures may make you feel uneasy about booking an appointment to go and see your doctor but, what you should know, is that many centres – much like the Rutherford Cancer Centre based in the United Kingdom – are taking precautions against Covid-19. That means that you can, and should, get the attention you need.

Knowing Your Body

Nobody indeed knows your body as you do. You know when something is not quite right, whether it is an issue that you have experienced before or something new when looking after your health. Your first port of call is, probably, going to be Googling your symptoms to find out what the issue could be. Be aware, because the chances are that you will always see the worst-case scenario first.

While you certainly shouldn’t completely disregard that, neither should you allow that you bog you down. The world is suffering from enough mental anxiety right now, so allowing yourself to become worried over something likely to be nothing just isn’t worth it. Call your practitioner and arrange a consultation – it is always better to be told it is nothing to worry about by a medical professional than taking any unnecessary chances.


Even when in lockdown, you must still make sure that your body is given the correct nutrients. With gyms and leisure centres closed for business temporarily, there is less opportunity for you to work off extra calories. Take this time to learn how to make healthier versions of your favourite meals – for example, if you have a craving for pizza then why not knock one up using wholemeal pitta bread as your base? It is exponentially healthier than normal pizza dough and taste just as good.

As well as looking after yourself from a physical perspective, giving your body the correct fuel also helps mentally, too. If you are feeling worried are nauseous, eating something light such as toast or nuts will provide a good level of nutrition whilst not sitting too heavy on your stomach.

Fresh Air

Medical and scientific experts are all drumming home the point that now, more than ever, we should be getting as much fresh air as possible. Not only does the risk of transmitting Covid-19 greatly deteriorate outdoors, but having been locked inside for so long taking the opportunity to get out and enjoy the sun is an opportunity that should not be missed.

Depending on where you are based, most restrictions make group activity difficult – at least without adhering to strict social distancing guidelines. If you are a keen runner, now is the best time to pursue your passion. If not, then walking solo or with other members of your household is great, too. It is important to remain active, especially if you have no other reason to leave your home right now.

Staying Connected

The need for staying connected with loved ones when looking after your health should not be overlooked, either. We are all missing seeing our family and friends as we please, and those days will come back. Until then, staying in touch online via social media and video calls will have to suffice. The mental health benefits of keeping in touch cannot be disputed, so don’t hesitate to give your parents a ring or drop your best friend a message to check in on them.