Learn new skills and techniques of archery without having to keep an instructor, do it at your own pace.

Learning New Things is Always Exciting

During these times of crisis, it is important to keep exploring new fields and learning new techniques. Keeping yourself busy in different fun ways and finding your passion while doing so will keep you happy and mentally stable.

If you are keen on sports, a great new one to explore is archery. Not many people opt for this, yet this is one of the most satisfying and peaceful sports. At first glance it looks quite easy, however, once you take the bow and arrow in your hand and start to shoot, you will quickly realize how difficult it is.

You may think that you need an expert archer or a trainer who could help you master the skill but in today’s world, everything is possible with just a few tutorial videos along with training and persistence. You can easily learn archery on your own, just remember practice makes perfect.

Things a Beginner in Archery Should Know

Exercising can be a real bummer sometimes unless you mix it up with some sports, it can be amusing and nothing is better than adding archery to the list. There are many factors to take into account, like your posture. It is crucial to have the right form at all times if you are teaching yourself to shoot.

Shooting in a bad form will result in crummy shots and of course, it won’t take time for this to turn into a habit. Therefore, consistency is the key to becoming a good archer. In the beginning, it will get a little tedious to manage your posture along with the bow and arrow. Just don’t give up.

Like any good business to get started, first you need to ensure that you have all the right equipment.

How to Choose the Right Bow

To be able to learn archery first you need to find yourself the right bow. Of course, you can always learn with a borrowed bow but that will not help you secure your posture as you will have to use various bows to practice.

There are many bows like a compound bow, a recurve bow, or longbow. This is purely based on your predilection. If you are planning to compete in archery, make sure to pick a bow that is allowed in the competition. Once you have decided on the bow, it is now time for you to ensure that it suits you.

So how to determine if the bow fits you right? To know that you need to consider these factors- the hand, draw weight and draw length. The draw length is based upon how long your hand is and depending on your dominant eye, you need to pick either a right-handed or left-handed bow.

Be Cautious While Shooting by Yourself

To master any form of skill, you need to invest plenty of time in it, especially in archery as practice is the only way to dominate this sport. So make the range your best friend and maintain a good form. If you are not monitoring your form you will not be able to gain proper precision.

As a beginner who is not being supervised by an expert, it is mandatory to allow yourself a period of rest between your sessions. Archery is a way of exercise, and it will tire your muscles. If you keep practicing with sore muscles, you will not be able to stay in form all the time and will develop a bad habit. Hence, all your effort could go to waste.

A good solution to this would be to record your entire practice session. There is no better way to correct mistakes than to point them out yourself. The elite athletes do this all the time. This is how people improve, by recognizing their own mistakes. You can easily take someone along with you to keep you informed, the latter is a better idea.

Knowing the Basics

Basic knowledge is the building block of any sport. To be a good archer you need first to familiarize yourself with the parts of the bow that you will be hearing repeatedly.

The Riser

This is the part of the bow that allows your arrow to rest. This is initially where your arrow is placed before you begin to shoot. You need to hold this part of the bow to shoot. Compound bows usually have a whiskey biscuit riser while recurve bows have a more raised rest.

The Limbs

They retain the shape of the bow. The top limb is attached to the riser just like the bottom limb, via a string. As a beginner, buying a recurve bow is a better option as they are often called takedown bows due to their ability to remove and attach new limbs.

The Bow String

This is the string that attached the top and the bottom limb of the bow and helps you shoot your arrow

Nock Point

This is where the end of the arrow is placed while shooting and needs to be the same for more consistency.

The Bow Sight

This is a crucial part of the bow as it allows you to do the aiming. If you are familiar with PUBG you will know that scope is important for you to aim with accuracy. You can attach them to the riser or just buy a bow with a sight.  

So Start Learning the Art of Archery from Today

You may not have enough money to hire a trainer but don’t worry because, with this basic knowledge and a sufficient amount of time spent in the shooting range, you will become nothing less than an expert. So just pick up your bow and get shooting.

It is your time to shine! 

(Link of picture: https://pixabay.com/photos/archer-archery-sunset-arrow-bow-2345211/)