While most people make going to the gym their New Year’s resolution year in and year out, most do not follow through with this commitment. It’s easy to say you want to go to the gym – it’s harder looking for motivation to actually do it.

Seeking physical health relies heavily on motivation.

If you find yourself having a hard time finding motivation to get into shape, why not consider a career that demands physical fitness?

And don’t be fooled into thinking this tactic only benefits men – many women are striving to enter physical trades too.

Whether you are a man or a woman looking for motivation and seeking a career that require physical strength, these jobs are the perfect way to find that motivation to hit the gym:

1. Oilfield Worker

Working in the oil field is a physically demanding job. Job responsibilities include lifting, climbing, assembling, maintenance, repair and equipment operation.

Oilfield workers work hard every day to pump oil from the ground and deliver it to refineries.

This physically demanding job isn’t just for men – women are hitting the gym to prepare their bodies for work in the oil fields.

Being physically fit is beneficial to this line of work, since it helps to increase productivity and helps workers to get the jobs done quicker.

2. Lifeguard

Being a lifeguard doesn’t simply involve sitting and waiting for an emergency to occur.

Life guards are expected to maintain overall physical strength as well as endurance.

They must be able to swim fast, tow passive victims, perform rescue breathing and lift obstacles at a moment’s notice.

Staying physically fit and looking for motivation by working out at a gym is imperative for this type of job.

3. Firefighter

Like lifeguards, firefighters must be in peak physical shape in order to respond quickly to emergencies that occur.

They must maintain aerobic capacity and endure a high heart rate as well as leg strength for lifting, carrying and holding the hose.

Firefighters must also have muscular endurance, a strong core and flexibility. Most firefighters are provided access to gyms and equipment in order to keep up with their physical health and strength.

4. Construction Worker

Construction workers require physical strength on a daily basis in order to fulfill their job responsibilities.

Construction involves movement such as kneeling, crouching, crawling and climbing. Therefore, it is important for construction workers to maintain core strength and flexibility.

The job also entails lifting and carrying heavy supplies and equipment.

Construction workers who take it upon themselves to stay in fit physical form by hitting the gym increase their productivity and can work for more years.

5. Nurse

Nurses also rely on physical strength on a day-to-day basis.

They are responsible for lifting and moving patients and work on their feet all day. This career requires cardio and stamina.

Frequenting a gym can be of huge benefit to nurses, who risk hurting their backs everyday. Staying physically fit helps to develop a healthy back and prevent injuries.

Also, nurses who are in good form have an easier time building trust with patients. Those who are in the process of healing are more likely to trust an individual who is in good physical health themselves.

6. Corrections Officer

The importance of physical fitness for a corrections officer is the same as firefighters and life guards.

Corrections officers need to be physically prepared to exert a large burst of energy and strength in a short period of time should an inmate need to be subdued via grips and holds.

Even though corrections officers spend most of their days guarding and transferring prisoners, they need to have endurance, stamina and strength in case of an emergency.

Find Your Motivation in an Exciting Career!

Men and women around the country are seeking careers that require physical strength in order to keep their bodies in peak physical condition.

If you’re ready for a change, both professionally and physically, consider making a move to one of these careers!