When I had my first baby I found it very difficult to go back to my previous weight. To me, it was very hard to get rid of the baby weight I gained during the pregnancy so I decided to find some fun exercises and methods how to lose it. I know there are many women who have a real issue with this, when their day is spent changing diapers and feeding their little one. I was one of them and I know the struggles and difficulties you experience, I decided to share some tips I learned along the way.

Dancing –  The first couple of months after the delivery I was stuck in the house with my firstborn and in the beginning I really couldn’t find the time to go outside or find some time for myself in general. So I did the next logical thing I could do – I blasted my favorite tunes on the player and started jamming. It may sound ridiculous but it was actually quite helpful both for my physical and mental health. And after a couple of months, after the baby was a little bigger I started going to dance classes with my friend. Latino sounds were my favorite ones, because they made me gain my confidence and my sex appeal back.

Trampoline fitness – or tramp fit as they like to call it is a really great and fun way to lose weight after pregnancy. I was really skeptical about it but I gave in to my friends who pestered me about it. And I’m really glad that I did. Beside the fact that it’s really entertaining it is actually quite effective. Just 30 minutes of exercising on the trampoline will give you a good burn out. I practiced going about 3 times a week and it really helped me with my belly fat and my leg muscles. It’s one of those things that you don’t know how it feels until you try it. The same place where I have my class offers kids party venues and activities so you can take your kid with you.

By Gabriella Diesendorf