Are you having troubling issues with your back? Maybe you occasionally experience sharp pains in your lower back area, giving you a hard time throughout the day. If you are experiencing lower back pain in Las Vegas, it is time to visit McNulty Spine and get those troubles sorted out. Back pain issues are a rising primary concern among many people living in the United States today. According to a study conducted among American citizens, it was found that approximately 80% of people at least experience lower back-related pains once in their lifetime. This proves to be a large number of people being affected, with most finding a hard time doing their jobs efficiently and carrying out daily activities with ease.

Common Causes of Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain may occur due to various minor injuries to the back and certain conditions, leading to degenerative ailments and deformities to the spinal cord. Strains in the back muscles due to carrying loads for an extensive period with minimal rest intervals constitute a significant cause of acute back pain, with sprains also being a common cause. Lower back pain may also arise due to causes such as:

·       Kyphosis, also known as a round back or a humpback, is an abnormal curve to the upper region of the back closer to the neck resulting from the spine being excessively curved, causing difficulty in breathing and, in severe cases, spinal deformity.

·       Spondylolisthesis affects the spinal cord’s lower bones by causing one of the vertebrae to slip forward out of place onto the immediate bone underneath it, resulting in chronic pains.

·       Osteoporosis is a condition that causes fragility of spinal bones due to low bone mass or wearing out of bones. This causes the more fragile bones to be vulnerable and easily subjectable to fractures due to injuries as minor as falls and strains.

·        Lordosis is a situation in which the lower back of the spine curves to the inside. It generally affects the lumbar spine causing the patient to have an exaggerated posture with the buttocks bulging out.

·       Scoliosis is a condition characterized by the spine curving sideways.

·       Spinal stenosis occurs mostly in the lumbar and cervical regions of the spine. The condition causes the spine’s spaces to narrow, putting excessive pressure on the nerves traveling through the spine. Spinal stenosis may cause numbness of the muscles and, in some cases, muscle pain.


Having acute pain to the back lasting for more than two days is a clear indication of a severe underlying problem. If the pain intensifies, then make your way to McNulty Spine to get a comprehensive examination. At McNulty Spine, various tests are conducted to get to the root cause of the problem. Some of the services offered include:

·       MRI

·       X-Rays

·       CT scan

·       Discography

·       Myelography

·       Bone scan


At McNulty Spine, a specific treatment plan is followed according to the diagnosis to heal the condition and relieve the patient from existing pain. Treatment includes:

·       Reconstruction surgeries

·       Disc replacement

·       Fusion surgeries

·       Physical therapy

·       Nerve blocks

Don’t allow back pain issues to spoil your daily routine; contact McNulty Spine to get those spinal troubles corrected today.