Macular degeneration is a leading cause of vision problems among senior citizens. This condition does not hurt but causes the death of cells in the macular area, which makes you incapable of seeing finer details. Soul Potential Acupuncture and Wellness is a leading Castle Rock macular degeneration treatment center for all your eye problems.

Macular degeneration can either be dry or wet. The two types are classified based on how much the condition has advanced. The most common symptom of macular degeneration is eye dryness.  Here, you gradually lose your vision and can lose the ability to read for the rest of your lifetime.  It may be hard for you to notice changes in vision at the onset of this condition. Colors may appear dim, and you may see straight lines appearing wavy. It is vital to seek treatment lest this turns to wet macular degeneration. 

Wet macular degeneration occurs when there is a leak of fluids or blood underneath the retina, which causes it to bulge. At this stage, it becomes impossible for you to see finer details. You require urgent treatment to help slow or reverse the damage. 90% of patients who lose their eyesight suffer from wet macular degeneration.   

Causes of Macular Degeneration

It is common for you to develop macular degeneration as you advance in age. Besides age, you can suffer due to other factors such as genetics, smoking, or if you have blue-colored eyes. If your eyes develop drusen (deposits found beneath the retina), this can also be a precursor to macular degeneration.  Drusen can develop due to old age or accumulation of fat in the Bruch’s membrane.

Treatment options

At present, there is no cure for this eye disease, but your ophthalmologist can use the following methods to manage your condition:


Acupuncture is a form of traditional Chinese medicine where needles are placed on specific locations on your body to help stave off the causes of disease. Your doctor will use this method to help improve the circulation of blood to the retina. This will help restore your eye’s ability to absorb nutrients, which are vital in promoting healthy vision and preventing cell death. Acupuncture is effective in managing both dry and wet macular degeneration.


Your doctor can also treat age-related macular degeneration, diabetic maculopathy, or vein occlusions using injections. Your ophthalmic surgeon will numb your eye using local anesthesia before the injection. You do not need to be admitted after the injection and can go home after two hours.

Anti VEGf Therapy

Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) is a protein that causes the formation of abnormal blood vessels that damage the retina. Your ophthalmologist can inject the foreign vessels using an anti-VEGf medication to curtail their growth. The injection is made in the vitreous region after your eye has been numbed using eye drops.

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