It seems like now more than ever, people are desperate to get back into the gym. Unfortunately for many of us, that is not possible just yet. While the gyms will be closed for a little while longer, you might have noticed that your gains are lacking or disappearing, another common problem without gyms. What can you do to remedy this? Well, this information is going to help you avoid the dreaded fear of losing out on muscle gains or the impact on fat or weight loss. Check out some tips to get the most out of your lockdown routine.

Stock Up on Supplements

Working out is a great way to get those goals of bigger muscles or lower weight, but the gym is not the only place to make your gains real. The hardest parts of weight gain or loss do not come in the gym and supplements are a good way to get more from your body and your diet. Getting the proper supplements can help improve your protein intake, vitamins, minerals, or other health benefits. What the folks at Nutrition & Diet News show us is that supplements are valuable for maintaining gains, even while far from a gym. Adding them into your routine is a good way to ensure that all your bodily needs are met and you do not miss out on any nutrients.

Improve Your Diet

Moving on from supplements, in the same vein, diet is the hardest part of maintaining gains. The gym is where you improve your strength or endurance, but the kitchen is where abs are made, so to speak. Diets can take a hit during these times because you are spending more time at home around food so you might feel compelled to snack more often. This is a hard habit to break so the best solution is to make sure that if you are snacking, it is beneficial to your goals. Eating greasy, fatty, or high sodium foods is going to make you feel sluggish, and without the gym to help offset these lethargic feelings, food can either be your best friend or your worst enemy. Lean meats like chicken and fish, plenty of green vegetables, and simple carbohydrates like brown rice or whole-grain bread should be staples in your lockdown routine for the kitchen.

Find Used Equipment Online

The gym is a much better place to get a solid workout in because they are well equipped with the latest gym machines and weights. While your home might not stack up to a gyms offering of equipment, you can find a lot of quality gear on used goods sites online. Buying some simple equipment for your home can improve your goal of maintaining gains even if it is just in small ways. Dumbbells, gym racks, elliptical, rowing, or stationary bikes are often ignored by people who buy them and collect dust. They try to sell them online and now is definitely a time to help someone get some money back and help yourself by using the equipment you need. Resistance bands are also a good option that is very cost-efficient but provides a suitable amount of tension to give yourself a good enough workout, all things considered.

Learn to Improvise

If you do not have the means to buy equipment or have a lack of space to properly introduce this gear into your home then it might be time to start getting creative and improvise. Bodyweight workouts are the first one that comes to mind as they require no equipment. Push-ups, sit-ups, air squats, dips, lunges, etc. are wonderful ways to give your body some movement it desperately needs. If you have a serviceable pair of running shoes now is the time to break them out as well. With so much time on our hands from this lockdown routine, there should be no excuses as to why we cannot get in a workout. The lack of resources like gym equipment is not an excuse either. It just means you need to start thinking outside the box if you truly value your gains enough to do anything it takes to preserve them.

In these odd times, it might be hard to find the motivation to keep up with treating our bodies right, but now more than ever is it important to take care of our health. When it comes to our gains or workout goals in general, the obstacles we face can be overcome with some creativity and this advice can go a long way in preventing you from taking care of yourself, at least until the gyms start to reopen.