With the holidays approaching, it seems like the year is flying by; it is going to be 2019 before we know it. When you lead a busy life, which so many of us do, it can mean planning and preparing ahead of time so that you are organized for it all. Have you done your holiday gift shopping yet? In the same vein, the new year needs to be planned ahead of time too, if you want to start it off in the right way. A new year means that you have new chances to start afresh and do those things that you’ve always wanted to. Plus, if you set yourself some things to do in 2018 but didn’t quite get there, then it can be the time to get it all done.

If this sounds like you and you want to have your healthiest and happiest year yet, then grab a pen, make some notes, and get started on your plans for the year ahead; there is no time like the present.

Get Organized

It has been proven that when you write down goals and display them, they are much more likely to happen. So just thinking in your head about what you want to do in the new year won’t be enough. Typing them won’t be enough either; there is something about the physical act of writing it down that can make a difference. You have to think about writing them down and then having them somewhere to remind you. It could be on the fridge door or by your bathroom mirror; just wherever will help you to focus and remember what you need to do.

As well as the overall aims and goals, it helps to plan out each month and what you want to achieve. If you want to save money to then go on a once in a lifetime vacation at the end of the year, then you need to know what to be saving each month, for example. So although the end goal may be to save enough money to go to Bali, the goal for January and then February could be to have $50 a week put aside towards it. Make a plan, be specific, write it down, and then it is much more likely to happen.

Meal Prep

One of the best ways to stay fit and healthy is to eat good wholesome food. A quick Google search will yield some great recipes to suit any dietary needs for you and your family. There are a number of grocery and meal prep companies out there and companies who deliver the freshest products right to your door. This saves not only time needed to head to the grocery store, but also the planning required to fit healthy eating into your routine. Companies like truLOCAL connect you to high-end, locally-sourced meat products – delivered right to your doorstep across Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia. They ship overnight on dry ice, so your box will stay frozen during delivery – even if you’re not home when your box arrives! Their customizable plans are commitment-free, so you can skip, pause, or cancel at any time – no strings attached!

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Look Back

Although dwelling on the past is never going to be a good thing, especially when you’re on a journey to being happier. However, looking a little into the past year and how things have gone can be a good way to think about how you can improve and change things. What could you have done this year to make it a happier year, for example? Or were there things that happened that were out of your control, so you couldn’t do a lot about them? So as you do this, make a note of the things that you could have changed or perhaps wish you could have changed, and then focus on how to learn and move forward from it. Don’t make it get you down, but have it help you.

Making Goals

Now you know what to move on from and learn from, it is a good time to decide on the goals that you want to achieve, if you haven’t already. What are the things that will bring more happiness into your life? For starter, if you’re not too sure, think about the things that aren’t going to bring more happiness into your life. Take the people in your life; do they bring happiness into your life or just make things more hard work? If you find that it is the latter, then it could be time to do something about it. It could be that a ‘goal’ for you would be to cut out the negativity in your life, especially in the forms of other people.

Is there a goal that you have that you’ve wanted to get to for a long time perhaps? Could it be that you want to get to a certain body fat percentage or a particular weight on the scales? It could be a fitness related goal to run a marathon or start taking spin classes. When you know what it is, you can make a plan to get there. Like the saving money example above, be specific. Could fat burning supplements help you to get to where you want to be for your weight, for instance? Decide on the goal and then the action plan to get there will be what you want to do.

What Made You Happy?

Looking back on the past year has been mentioned briefly, but it is also a good idea to think about the good things that happened that you want to do more of. For example, did you enjoy traveling quite a bit in 2018? If that is the case, then make sure that travel is part of the plan for next year. But be specific and make things happen. Where will you travel to, for instance? Think about how you’ll feel this time next year when you sit down to do the exact same thing and look back on all of the happiness that you created.

Put Yourself First

When you think about the phrase ‘putting yourself first’ do you just think about taking a bath and reading a book? It is something that naturally comes to mind. But really, there is so much more to it than that. The thing is, that can all be well and good, and self-care is really important. However, if you want to be the happiest you have ever been, then it is time to do more. There isn’t anyone else out there doing through just as you are at that moment in time, and there isn’t anyone else that is going to be fighting your battles for you; they are up to you. So think about the things that you need to do or to learn to make sure that you are well ‘armed’ for the year ahead. In this instance, putting yourself first looks like reading up on the the things that you need to know about. It means improving your skills and learning how to do new things, as well as accepting the areas that you are weaker in life (but having plans in place to help them to not get you down).


One of the things that everyone needs to be doing as the end of the new year approaches is having a detox in your life. Literally, it could be detoxing the unhealthy things in your life. It could be cutting out bad habits like smoking, as well as eating better foods and drinking more water. It can be a detox on all negative influences in your life as well. So think about your social media, for instance. Are there people on there that you really don’t need in your life any more? You could also think about cutting things like social media back a little. When you are on it for a long time each day, it can be quite draining on you. So taking a detox and making yourself not go on it, can be such a good thing. Think of all that time you’ll get back at least!

So what are your plans or goals for 2019? By starting now you can be well on your way to creating the year ahead that you want, and make it your best yet by being happy and healthy.