It is too common in our busy lives to put off exercise. Trying to get a grasp on all the responsibilities we have, such as work, school, studying and relationships, finding time to squeeze in a workout can often be placed as our lowest priority. I get it, life can be quite frantic. But often times, there is more to it than just time management. It could be a result from lack of motivation or fear of being judged. What we should be afraid of is what could happen to our physical and mental health if we don’t make time for exercise. We can either make time for it now or make time for doctor’s appointments in the future.

It can be easier than you think, it will require discipline and dedication, but we can all find the time in our busy schedules and I’m going to share a few tips to help you fit in a few sessions a week.

Additionally, by making time on health and fitness, or on any other things that you’ll want to do, you could be able to learn time management at Training Connection. It is important to know the principles and techniques on how to properly manage your time to enjoy your life easily and be a successful human.

Physically writing out a schedule

This tip is one of the simplest, yet most effective in my opinion. Having a physical copy of what you have planned for your day can make it easier to manage your time and fit in an exercise session.

If you are doing this and still find no time in your day for health, here’s what I want you to do;

  1. Separate a page in two halves.
  2. Write your most important daily activities on one side and your least important on the other.
  3. Now I want you to look over your least important activities and decide which ones you could consider as “time wasters”. (Maybe we can get rid of that hour of TV time).
  4. Replace it with physical activity of any kind.

Congratulations, you just made time to work on your health and fitness!

Invite family or friends

If the reason you subliminally put off exercise is because you get no enjoyment from it, try bringing along someone to socialize with. Even going for a brisk walk with a friend or family member where you can hold a conversation is great for your health. Much better than sitting in front of the TV and texting them.

Having someone to talk to can keep your mind off the activity you are doing and make that cardio session a little less dreadful.

This is also great if one of the activities on your important side of the list is spend time with family. Exercise can benefit people of all ages and there are plenty of group activities you can do that include your family, ranging from an afternoon hike to a simple walk in the park.

Walk/bike to work or school

Although this tip may be the most time consuming, it is a great way to fit in an easy exercise session and keep you from that sedentary drive/bus ride to wherever you need to go. However, this is assuming it is a beautiful spring or summer day.

Create efficient workouts

This tip is easily the most beneficial. If you find the time to include a couple of workouts into your weekly chaotic schedule, it is important that the workout doesn’t involve a lot of sitting around waiting for an exercise machine or some dumbbells.

Planning your workout ahead of time can make for a much better session. Reduce the rest time and get in those working sets in a much more time efficient manner. By doing this you can easily cut down an hour and a half workout into 45 minutes to an hour. And you’ll burn many more calories by doing so!

These are just a couple of tips that I have found improved my quality and frequency of exercise while attempting to balance spending time with family and friends, getting my school work done and going to work. Finding a way to organize your time will create more opportunity for you to work on your health and fitness. Work smart, not hard. But also work hard.

By Joshua Lavoie