After an amazing season for Manchester City, they are looking for that Champions League title in 2023. Winning the Premier League isn’t enough for them, but they are satisfied with the outcome after losing in CL. The transfers happened really fast, and they spent a lot of money on players like Haaland.

They will have a tough time against Liverpool this season, but the odds are still in their favor. You will probably have better chances with the NFL week 4 odds instead of Premier League because the teams will be very even. A few players left the club, and some have a new deal with the team, but they are stronger than last season.

Spending $1.5 Billion in Less Than 10 Years

They didn’t spend the most money in 2022, but they are the biggest spender when it comes to the last seven years. PSG is on a great track, but they are spending a lot of money on one player, while Manchester City always spends more than $50 million per player, and they bring a few each year. Haaland is their biggest transfer when it comes to popularity, but they spent $100 million on Grealish.

Rodri set them back for over $60 million after joining them in 2019 from Athletico Madrid. But, their best investment was De Bruyne, who cost around $50 million in 2015 but became the club legend over the years. Only a few teams can afford to spend so much money on players, but they are also bringing results.

Selling Sterling Was The Best Move

Even if Sterling is the strongest transfer for Chelsea, and it will mean a lot against Manchester City, it was a perfect thing to do because they got $50 million from a player they don’t need. He is already training for the pre-season with Chelsea teammates, which means he was looking forward to it.

Profitable Exchanges

Losing a few great players can be considered a great thing to do when you get even better. Haaland was the biggest news this year, and he will probably lead the offensive with a couple of new players. But, besides buying, they sold a few young players like Romeo Lavia to Southampton.

They made around $15 million from Lavia, and when you combine it with Sterling, you get Haaland for free. The team functioned well without Lavia and Sterling, so it wasn’t a loss. Another important deal they made was with a goalkeeper that many haven’t noticed.

In fact, it’s a three-year deal with Stefan Ortega Morena because they had issues with substitutes. Kalvin Phillips is another strong midfielder that will be joining City this year, and it wasn’t cheap. 

He played for Leeds his whole life, and the only club he wanted to transfer to was Manchester City. This is a great opportunity for him to prove that he is worth playing for the club and also worth $50 million.

Potential Transfers

Serge Gnabry had a few great seasons with Bayern Munich, and many teams are looking to sign him, especially City and United. After spending more than $200 million on new players, they might let him go to United. The club is willing to make an offer for Marc Cucurella, but Brighton is very tough on making the deal.

There are a few more players worth more than $20 million that City wants in their club, but there are other clubs making offers also. One of them is Rayan Nouri, but Chelsea is also looking to make an offer, considering how many players they lost this season.

Many players are leaving Manchester City, but only Gabriel Jesus and Sterling are expensive. The rest are leaving for free, like Fernandinho, who is also considered old and won another title before pension. The transfer season will end in September, so there is still room for new transfers.