Matrix is home to fitness equipment that provides the best available products in the market. It helps with serving the fitness shopping needs of the customer in a single place at affordable costs. The design and quality of products available at Matrix are comparable to that of world-class brands.

If you feel that you are losing fitness due to the unavailability of fitness equipment at home, you can check the equipment available at this online shop and get the best that can be availed. You needn’t feel worried because you lack the motivation for standard class equipment as this store can serve you, making it economical.

It has a special package for you. You might be daunted by the high gym equipment prices available at other stores. But what this store offers you is all this latest equipment at just $68 per month. You will have to pay this amount via PayBright.

So, it is a place that makes health maintenance affordable and possible. Here is a brief overview of this store and how it can help you achieve fitness at the lowest possible costs. 

Why should you purchase fitness equipment from MATRIX?

Matrix offers a different solution to your difficult problems. Instead of burdening you with thousands of dollars, it looks at economical solutions for you. You don’t have to feel worried about the costs of equipment purchased from Matrix. All you have to do is select your required product and register its purchase. 

Once this step is completed, you will have to select the payment plan to ensure that you can pay according to it. PayBright ensures that the installments for equipment are as low as $68. It offers the revolutionary and latest equipment for your exercises. To ensure that you don’t get bored, you have a screen with the purchased product like ellipticals, bikes, treadmills, etc.

The XR LCD console is integrated with the machine, and you will be able to keep track of your progress. It is a touch-screen console that is easy to operate and long-lasting. The screen size is 22″, which means it can offer an immersive experience. You won’t feel the difference if you work out at home.

There is an HDMI port with the console to connect your devices as per your needs.

Equipment available at MATRIX

You can shop home fitness equipments at, finding a large variety. These include treadmills, ellipticals, climb mills, bikes, rowers, etc. These products have been designed to offer maximum possible comfort and benefit to the user.

What makes Matrix the pro solution for your problems is the free app to manage all your equipment. It is available for free on both Android and iOS devices. The mentioned app offers the following pro features:

  • 60-day transformation program
  • Integrated Timer
  • Music Folder Accessibility
  • Exercise library
  • Periods of 30 minutes or lesser duration workouts

Thus, with the purchase of Matrix equipment, you can make your home a gym. The exercises that you can perform with the Matrix equipment include HIIT, strength exercises, pilates, suspension training, stretching, resistance training, battle ropes, yoga, etc.

The spending on equipment will transform your body in the target period. It offers multiple solutions in a single space, which means that you don’t need to worry about visiting the gym for fitness needs. The said equipment can be easily assembled and disassembled, making it portable. The design of the equipment has been planned to accommodate in a limited space.

One-Stop Solution for Your Fitness: MATRIX

In short, Matrix is the one-stop solution to get great equipment to transform your body. It offers affordable equipment in a flexible payment plan as low as $68 per month. The equipment purchased included iFit membership for your family. So, you can enjoy this membership for free for a year. Later, this membership can be renewed at $468.

Purchase your required equipment and get the best results to redefine your body!