My fitness philosophy is more about letting go of what it looks like, and focusing more on what it feels like. All too often we commit ourselves to routines that we just simply don’t enjoy and then find ourselves defeated because it simply comes down to a test of will. This is not to say that willpower can not provide adequate fuel to propel you towards your fitness goals but our addiction to instant gratification usually tips the scale and our will runs out before we can see definite change. I believe your fitness routine should require some test of will as we have all heard the saying “if it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you”, however if you strictly operate from will, you will eventually be left depleted or injured. If you choose an activity that you genuinely enjoy then you begin to operate from a place of desire instead of will because you are focused on how it makes you feel. The modality is not important, whether it is through yoga, running, basketball or skateboarding, find something that you enjoy and instead of dreading your workouts or finding any little excuse to deter you from going you won’t want to miss them and will instead actually look forward to your time. My fitness goals are about embodying the balance between strength and grace.