A man opens a double door with a smile on his face and walks into the room looking so relaxed and yet with a very manly stride. Obviously, he’s someone with that so-called “brimming self-confidence”. Sadly, this man isn’t you. Don’t worry it’s not the end of the world for you. It is high time you stop being the one who mopes around, head down, wallowing in self-pity. Do something so you can become more confident in your own skin. The following ways will prove to be very helpful. 

Spruce up your physical appearance.

First and foremost, note that physical appearance is just one aspect of a man’s being. Physical looks aren’t everything. So, if you think you don’t have your “dream body image” just because you’ve lost much weight and you’re left with sagging skin be confident in knowing that there is a solution to such an issue. If you think your physical looks are really hurting your chances of feeling more confident, consider undergoing a body lift. See? Boosting your confidence is not just knowing what aspects of your physical appearance you don’t like. It is also about finding solutions to these physical issues that prevent you from being self-confident. Try to ask what professionals say about male body lift so you will hear it right from the experts how such a procedure will be beneficial to you. They can give you more information about how to get rid of those nasty sagging skin and how it can help you not just with your looks but also in transforming your life with renewed self-confidence. 

Be confident about who you are.

This may be easier said than done but it is definitely possible. There’s no other person but only you who can help you feel more confident about yourself. According to clinical psychologist Simon Gelsthorpe from Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust, men’s confidence can be affected by social status, cultural values, body image, and relationships. If any of these factors have been undermined, one’s confidence will also be affected in a negative way. Men’s difficulty in achieving self-confidence can also be compounded by their reluctance to voice out those emotional issues that they’re having. Some men are too hesitant about sharing, confronting or airing their emotional issues as much as women do. To be able to muster once again your confidence in yourself, you have to figure out what undermines it. Then, figure out ways on how you can gradually boost your confidence all over again. You don’t have to do this all alone. You can always ask for help from an expert. 

Learn to accept your weaknesses.

Nobody’s perfect and that’s a fact. This cliché alone should be enough for you to be more accepting of your own weaknesses. It may be difficult in the beginning but once you’ve learned to accept everything about yourself you will eventually reap its benefits. Reflect on your weaknesses and accept them as part of your being unique. Remember that we couldn’t be perfect no matter how much we try. Before you start appreciating other people because their strengths serve as your weaknesses, think about how wonderful you are by just being you. Appreciate your weaknesses. Be comfortable and never mind what others would say about you. After all, they too have their own weaknesses.  

Love yourself.

Now that you’ve learned the importance of accepting your own weaknesses, you will now find it easier to love yourself. When you’re able to accept yourself for who you are and not for what others say about you, true self-love emerges. When you love yourself, it becomes so easy as well to feel comfortable in your own skin. When you possess unconditional self-love you will also feel more comfortable about yourself. This is because you know that whatever you do and whether you’ll fail, your self-love remains unblemished. 

Find a way to resolve personal issues. 

Personal issues that remain unresolved for years would definitely inhibit you from being comfortable in your own skin. This is when you need to take the time to stop, meditate or ponder on those personal issues you’re battling with all these years. Are you insecure about something or someone? Is there something that makes you feel anxious very often? Is there something that’s making you feel depressed from time to time? The American Psychological Association reveals that nine percent of men in the U.S. are battling with anxiety and depressive feelings on a daily basis. Work towards dealing with these issues in a positive way. Find time to dig deeper into these things that are troubling you deep inside. Do not hesitate to ask for professional help. It is only when you’ve successfully coped or at least managed these hidden personal issues that your confidence in yourself will be regained. 

Don’t mind those labels that people have for you.

Unfortunately, labeling can have profound long term effects on people. As linguist Benjamin Whorf once hypothesized, the words people use in describing what their eyes see are not mere idle placeholders. But, these words do determine what they see. Labels greatly affect how we perceive a thing or an individual. Being labeled as “stupid”, “fat” or “worthless” can have serious consequences. Although these words may sometimes mean nothing to an angry individual who just wanted to make the other person feel bad, but these words can have huge adverse impact on one’s being. Instead of believing in what these labels imply, challenge yourself by proving that these negative labels are not true at all. The next time you hear other people throw these words to you, ignore them. Remember that you’re not here in this world to live up to their expectations. 

Don’t let yourself be seriously affected by media.

Living in a society where things like Facebook and Instagram are everywhere has made many people too uncomfortable in their own skin. This comes as a result of being constantly bombarded with images of a perfect life, perfect body and everything in between. These images dictate many people how they should look or how their relationships should be. Findings from research cited in Today.com showed that 65 percent of men admitted having compared themselves to those images they see on their social media accounts. Unfortunately, 37 percent of these men also said the comparison is often unfavorable and this can really take a toll on one’s self-confidence. It is important to realize that even when the media does not always represent images of people like you or “your skin” you still occupy a very special place in the society where you live. 

Remember that confidence isn’t always transferable. Even if your friend has it or your brother has plenty of it, you have to work on it so you can also have enough self-confidence. With all the tips mentioned above, there’s no doubt you can now start feeling more comfortable in your own skin.