Last year, the wellness world got a makeover. People started having more open and honest conversations about their mental health, green beauty went mainstream, and CBD took over the world (just a slight exaggeration). All the while, as investigated last year’s wellness trend report, people embraced intermittent fasting, breathwork gained traction, and we all started to realize that social media might be contributing to our anxiety.

Building upon the progress we’ve made in 2018, we’re predicting that wellness will only continue to become more accessible this year. Another big theme on our radar is the blending of old and new. More and more ancient practices that have withstood the test of time will enter mainstream consciousness, and we’re hoping this return to simplicity sparks a connection that’s real and timeless in all of us.

This month we brought together three holistic practitioners to talk about their philosophies towards wellness and how they are helping their clients work towards their goals of whole-body wellness.

Amber Kupina

I am a healer in Edmonton practicing Shamanism. I began a journey of what I like to refer to as self-realization when I was 19 years old. I took a self-development course that lead me into wanting to understand the depths of who I am, why I am the way I am and grow my spirituality. This path led me into meditation, going and seeing healers to dive deep into myself, see the parts of myself that I had previously chosen not to and to heal. I studied holistic nutrition and took my yoga teacher training, both of which broadened my understanding of the connection between the physical, energetic, mental and emotional aspects of our being. I met my spiritual teacher in 2013, Pete Bernard, Algonquin Medicine Man, and have been trained by him in Shamanism. This work has transformed my world and has reminded me of the endless possibility time space holds for us.

I work with the Spirit world, the non-physical aspects of our being and consciousness. As human beings, we all experience emotional wounds, forms of trauma, pain and suffering. I believe we come here to learn from our experience and to use it to our advantage, to expand our ability to understand, our consciousness and to remember who we really are and what we came here to do.

Spiritual healing is not limited, we heal all aspects: emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, energetic and karmic. Through energy medicine and journeying we heal the energetic system storing cellular memory of trauma and old programming, as well as healing the sub-conscious blueprints that are creating our reality and patterns. Using Ceremony, we tap into Ancient wisdom and begin to understand why we are the way we are. Recognizing the impact that people, places and events have had on us and taking the responsibility to change that impact. Healing teaches you that you are not what has happened to you, that everything has a ripple effect that influences the collective and that the world needs you.

My work consists of one-on-one sessions healing specific issues of the individual’s choice, discussing the issue, understand the experience of it and then moving into Ceremony. This can be anything, some examples are: energy healing, healing affinities, inner self-image, getting back soul parts, power retrieval, past lives, healing wounded agreements, self-sabotage, meeting your Spirit Guide, healing DNA, Animal totems, healing ancestral lineage and the Akashic records.  I work on animals as well, most often dogs, cats and horses. I also lead group healing circles where I speak on a specific topic and guide a group healing. These sessions occur approximately once a month where we connect as a community, return to oneness and heal as a collective.

Nicole Broadhurst

I am a Registered Acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese Medical Doctor (TCMD) specializing in sexual health and reproductive medicine. I see clients with a wide range of diseases and ailments. My clients come to me for everything from pain and digestive issues to sexual dysfunctions and families trying to conceive. I treat from a foundation of non-judgment and always have an understanding that there are many factors that contribute to a person’s physical health. Because of this, we should never overvalue or undervalue a potential stressor on the body. I tend to take on a protective role for my clients and I am constantly blown away by the amount of strength a person can have.

Because human beings are multi-dimensional, we have so many factors that affect our physical body; mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and sexual. I have come to realize that our Sexual Health is a profoundly important aspect of ourselves and is an invaluable contributing factor to of our overall health and wellness. Similar to our mental health, our sexual health can give us a lot of insight into how we go about your life, relationships (business, personal, family etc.), and see ourselves in the world. It is an avenue for healing.

I find it is really easy for us in the Eastern Medical field to over-value spirit, emotions and energetics, just in the same way Western Medicine can over-value physicality. The truth is, any of these areas can be over-used or neglected and cause a stressor on the body to show up.

I try and be very aware that our industry of Wholistic Health, can seem unapproachable or inaccessible for a lot of people. It is my responsibility to make sure my practice has a foundation of inclusivity and diversity. Suffering does not favour one type of people and as a practitioner I find it to be a moral obligation of mine to be able to cater towards anyone that comes to me for help navigating their health

I try to constantly be aware of how I am doing in each of these areas of myself – mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and sexual. This can be anything from having consistent and regular workouts, ones that I really enjoy doing (i.e.: Spin, Gym, Swimming, Yoga) to sitting at home journaling or praying. It is a constant engagement with myself and a foundational belief that I deserve, and want, to live my life feeling happy, healthy and successful.

Mallorie Buoy (Prem) 

The holistic practices of yoga have been the foundation throughout my spiritual journey and path to wellness. I have been practicing yoga for thirteen years and teaching for the past ten, studying in ashrams around the world and exploring ancient mysticism to bring my body, mind and spirit into alignment. Yoga is infinite in what it offers to its practitioners, and it has been my healer and my lifeline through an extreme injury, through a long season of depression and PTSD, and through many life changes and challenges. Yoga has opened up for me a comprehensive understanding of my body, both inside and out, and it has been a doorway to understanding that which exists beyond what we can physically see. Yoga is but one path to wellness that has led me to experience life with clarity, contentment, inspiration, and joy. 

Through studying yoga in all its vastness, the world of ritual and ceremony opened up for me and continues to support me daily. In a society where most are over-identified with the thinking mind, I desire to live more directly from a place of soul. I believe this to be our purpose in life, this remembering that we are not just talking-heads, but that our potential and our joy run so much deeper. It can take time, however, to live in alignment with our inner clarity, when collectively we are programmed towards a very fast and achievement-based existence. Embodiment practices that honour the deeper questions of life cultivate within me an ease and presence unlike anything I have experienced before. Waking in the morning to light a candle, to give thanks, to breathe and move my body intentionally, to honour the seasons and cycles of nature – these practices bring me back home to myself.

I never set out to share this way of life so prominently in the way that I do now. I was a school teacher navigating my own existentialism, uncovering my purpose and healing my own heart through alternative wellness practices; however, through a clear commitment to heal myself, such intimate truths arose that guiding others within their own journey unfolded so naturally that I could not resist if I tried! I am now supporting womxn as they find their way back home to themselves, simply by sharing with them the ancient practices and philosophies that awaken what they know to be true. I guide womxn to lead and live from the soul, which occurs with ease when one remembers who they truly are. This remembering can take time, however, as we first need to shed all of the beliefs we have of who we think we are. We think we are not enough until we have achieved something great, we think we are unlovable until we look a certain way, we think we do not have purpose until we impact thousands. These thoughts have been conditioned into the subconscious mind, thus so many require practices that remind them of their inherent worthiness, lovability, and purpose. My personal journey of remembering began a decade ago, and I am now guiding others to their personal truths through ceremony, deep listening, philosophical teachings, personal practices, breath and body work, and energetic support.

I am extremely conscious of ensuring these practices are accessible to everyone. Regardless of one’s resources, these wellness practices are ancient and can stir anyone’s heart into a place of personal healing. Through foster parenting and spending most of my days with young adults who navigate homelessness, addiction, trauma, brain disease, and mental illness, holistic therapies continue to be a very real way of moving through life, for both me and the young adults I am guardian to. It is so very important to me that the lexicon of spirituality not be trite, but that it is communicated how deeply these practices can impact those experiencing the realest of life’s challenges. This work is but a way of life, supporting me in living my life meaningfully and from my soul, and I am so grateful to simply share what it is that I am learning along the way.