Moms and fitness seems like an oxymoron. I have talked to many women over the years and the biggest struggle I think is finding the time and not feeling guilty when you find the time! Women sacrifice so much (as do men, but I just want to focus on moms) to take on the role as a mother. They all have their own stories. Some have struggled to get to motherhood, while others never planned on motherhood.

We are, more often than not, already sleep deprived because of late nights, restless nights and early mornings. The day begins often with an alarm at an early time (or perhaps a child has been that alarm because they are up and hungry). We get up, drink coffee, feed the kids (often forgetting to feed ourselves), change diapers, do laundry, clean kitchens, chauffer children around to school and extracurricular activities. We look at things on an ongoing basis about household projects and things we need to do. We live in a culture that seems to promote frustration no matter which way you try to live and parent. And yet what we should be doing is supporting healthy moms. I am pro healthy mom! We all have our strengths and that’s why we need community. I am a firm believer in supporting people to look after themselves so they can go out and support their communities and be better people. With that in mind, I am an even stronger advocate to support women to look after themselves through fitness so they can go home and be better moms, and any other role they have taken on.

I have the pleasure of working out with some of the most amazing people. It has been fun to watch us all grow in different areas of our lives not just with physical strength. For me personally, as a mom, finding time for fitness has ebbed and flowed over the years. However, finding a community at the gym has made me stick it out during some of the most miserable times in my life. I have not always been inspired to work out, but I have always known that I needed to do something for myself so that I could be a better person. Taking the mental break from reality helps to clear my head and refocus on the here and now.   And eventually finding a group of moms (and others who are not moms!) who inspired me has helped to keep going day by day.

So, in hopes of inspiring some of you, I emailed a few of the women some questions and here are our answers: