So much has been written about CBD – cannabidiol – over the past few years that it is becoming difficult to separate the truth from the exaggerations. Part of the problem is that much of the claims for CBD as a health aid come from users only. While their have been clinical trials, some showing positive results, these are yet to be ratified by the relevant bodies. The many claims that talk of benefits from using CBD have, therefore, to be carefully considered. For example, is CBD of use to athletes – as is often claimed – and if so, in what areas?

What is CBD and Why is it in the News?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the many compounds that exist in the cannabis plant, and can be extracted for use by a variety of methods. The first thing we should say is this: CBD is not the same as marijuana. Both come from cannabis, but each is from a different strain of the plant. CBD does not get you high; that is down to THC, which is a banned substance for athletes (CBD is perfectly legal and has been since the beginning of 2018).

CBD is a legal substance that you can buy across the USA (although we advise you check your local laws) as long as it is extracted from a strain of cannabis known as Industrial Hemp, and contains only trace elements of THC. The fact it comes from cannabis is what keeps it in the news, but in fact it is a safe product with many benefits – so let’s talk about how it can benefit the athlete.

Why Do Athletes Use CBD?

It is interesting to note that according to the well-known vape shop for CBD, Vape4Ever, their athlete customer base has grown significantly during the year. The reasons for this are many, but one major factor is that CBD has been shown to act as a potent pain relief agent, and also to reduce inflammation. These, of course, are two areas that an athlete will need to find help with, and more are clearly realising that CBD is a safer option than other anti-inflammatory drugs and pain relievers. This alone is enough to understand why athletes are using CBD in greater numbers than ever.

But there’s more: CBD has also been shown by many thousands of users to help achieve better sleep patterns. This is another area in which athletes will benefit greatly, as the right amount of sleep is essential for optimum performance from the body. It also helps, again according to many users, with gut problems, which can be an underlying issue with those who are active.

How and why CBD oil and other products help in these areas is to do with the way it reacts with the receptors in the body’s nervous system. Such is the promise that has come about so far by investigating the benefits of CBD that research into its properties – and also those of other compounds of the cannabis plant – are ongoing, and many patients who suffer from ailments that bring with them chronic pain take CBD as a result, with great success.

To Conclude

CBD – you can buy it in e-liquid for vaping, or as edibles and on other forms – while not ratified by the relevant bodies, is recognised as a pain reliever and anti-inflammatory, and offers the benefits listed above according to many thousands of people – some athletes – who use it regularly. It is also safe, and legal. Our final word would be – for athletes especially – make sure you buy products from a respected and reputable retailer, so you can be sure that the product you purchase is within the law and of the highest quality.