It is not easy to lose weight which we all know. Losing weight is made even more difficult by the fact that daily, almost hourly we are faced with ad after ad be it online or on tv about some new fad diet that claims to help you lose weight fast. The diet industry is worth millions worldwide but why don’t we all choose to just eat healthily and adjust our mindset from thinking that we need to go on a ‘diet’.

Eating healthily and wisely is often perceived as boring and people also have a belief that food will be tasteless. This could not be further from the truth. Introducing foods like vegetables and salads into the diet can make a really tasty addition. Also, salads don’t need to be laden down with high calorie dressings. Salads can be made really interesting and very tasty by adding things like cheese or nuts, plus you’ll be packing in even more nutrients!

So how much salad should you be eating in order to be healthy and to ensure that you are getting all the nutrients that you are meant to? Dr. Eric Berg explains more in this video…check it out!