I have been an overweight girl most of my life and as a food lover it felt impossible for me to lose weight most of the time but when I realized I am just gaining more weight every month and feel bloated most of the time; I decided to do something about my situation, hence I set upon this journey from fat to fit.

Where Did I Get the Motivation?

I am a shopaholic hence whenever I went dress shopping and could not fit well even in XL clothes; I felt pity. However, last year when I went shopping, I realized that even XL doesn’t fit, and I had to look for XXL clothes. It was embarrassing for me and worrisome. More than my looks, I was concerned about the damage I was causing to my body, hence I decided that I should lose weight immediately.

How Did I Start?

Initially, I did a great amount of research about various diet plans that were trending and came across two popular diets that interested me. The first diet I tried on my journey from fat to fit was the Paleo diet as the concept of eating food that our ancestors used to consume seemed logical to maintain good health. I could sustain in this diet for a month and lost 3-4 kgs, but I was missing grains and variety in this diet hence it felt as if I could not sustain for long, though the results were great hence I switched to the other trending diet which is Keto after reading more about Paleo vs Keto diet difference.

My experience of doing a keto diet was great as Keto diet tips is widely followed by many people, hence there you will a lot of variety in this diet starting from Keto mouse to cheesecakes. I lost 7 kgs on this diet.

Later I decided to follow a balanced diet as I could not live on Keto forever and I wanted to change my lifestyle or else I would start binge eating as soon as I lost the weight hence a balanced diet with exercise 3 times a week helped me slowly and steadily lose the remaining weight. I was in no hurry as I was eating normal homemade food. On average, I lost 2.5 Kgs per month, and that is the ideal way to lose weight.

What Did I Learn?

Yes, carrying excess weight is a sign of an unhealthy body, but it does not make you less worthy. If you are on this same path as me, focus on losing excess weight just to get healthy rather than to increase your self-esteem as that should not depend on your outer appearance. If you are facing body image issues, do not wait till you get slim for it to vanish but work on your journey from fat to fit now as it is not healthy for your weight loss goals.

Losing weight is not a few day’s tasks but it can take a year or two, hence you need to practice patience as the journey will bring out many emotions in you which you will have to control to succeed in your goals.