If you’re fairly confident at holding a very demanding yoga position while breathing correctly while thinking correctly, and all in all, you would consider yourself quite a yoga guru, right? Well, imagine all these benefits but with the added touch of being naked.

Now the vision is that practicing yoga with no clothes improves your yoga experience, develops your abilities, and strengthens the unity with your mind, body, and soul. On top of this, it is believed that clothing appears to be in direct opposition to yoga’s goals. Yoga promotes unity and being in one accord. However, by design, the clothing brings back our mind to our individual differences. So when we yoga naked, we are believed to be in full acceptance of our bodies, we are more flexible and are in a more deep spiritual state.

It understandably passes through sometimes oddly-specific) trends as yoga continue to gain popularity in mainstream culture.

There are many innovative approaches to fine-tune the asana session, from goat yoga to toe yoga. Naked yoga is one of the more prominent trends currently gaining interest. It is easy to discover that the naked yoga trend is legitimate, especially in the yoga world.

Introduction To Naked Yoga

While the trend of naked yoga is just starting to spread across the U.S., as long as the tradition of yoga itself, doing yoga in the nude has been around.

Nagna Yoga is a yoga branch performed by Naga Sudhus, a community of ascetic Hindu yogis. It helps to relieve one’s needs while interacting with the natural world more profoundly.

The practice has recently expanded to yoga studios worldwide, from cities like New York City and Los Angeles.

Practicing asana naked could lift a few eyebrows and attract suspicion, not to mention sharing a room full of other nude yogis.

It is important to remember that naked yoga courses aim, rather than sensual techniques, to de-sexualize the human body.

Many people prefer to equate being nude with sex; on the contrary, naked yoga stresses the feeling of intensely personal self-love and body acceptance.

Things To Experience At A Naked Yoga Class

Nude yoga class

There are various choices to choose from, as with other yoga forms, if you’re fascinated by the thought of doing asana au natural.

Any teachers may allow you to strip down right away to your birthday suit. On the other hand, others encourage you to remove clothes piece by piece as you pass during the session. Some also provide the alternative of leaving your bottoms on until, with total nudity, you feel completely relaxed.

Most courses are open to students of both genders over the age of 18, but for individuals who feel more at home surrounded by their similar gender identity, there are also male or female-only alternatives.

Is that safe?

Several general rules and guidelines exist. For both clientele and teachers, consistent boundaries establish a safe and supportive atmosphere. They usually involve no looking at others, no touching without permission, and no talking about others’ bodies, including giving compliments.

Many studios providing sessions of naked yoga instruct students to bring their mat and towel with them.

Who does yoga naked and why?

This campaign is welcomed by all distinct forms of individuals, and for several different reasons.

One yoga instructor in a nude workshop for men based in Dallas claims that the class is an “equalizing” experience where “men of all colors, genders, religions, and cultures” can come together and share common ground.

Men feel a substantial rate of embarrassment against their bodies collectively. Many men feel that they will start to lose inhibitions over time and foster compassion for themselves and their bodies.

A clear advantage of disrobing for an asana session for many women is that it reduces the need to keep up with the current trends in women’s wear, constantly wearing modern, pricey leggings.

The fashion and branding that we see scrolling through social media can be all too easy to get swept up in.

It lets you shed expectations and insecurities and create a bond with your true honest self by stripping down to nothing but your skin, and going ‘au naturale’ redirects your mind back to the integrity of the work from outside distractions.

Other Benefits Of Naked Yoga

Naked yoga will drive you out of your comfort zone, no matter your gender, and expand your practice in many ways. It will give you a different insight and shift your experience of a particular pose by learning common postures while disrobed.

Similarly, as you step through multiple yoga exercises, your sensory perception can be enhanced, such as sensing the vibration of the breeze on your skin.

Cultivating a sense of self-acceptance and developing a positive relationship with your body is perhaps one of the most commonly recorded advantages of this intimate yoga form.

You will symbolically erase judgments against yourself, let go of critical self-talk, and restrict personal beliefs you might have put on yourself by the act of simply removing your clothing.

Shedding layers of clothes one at a time is an act of therapy in this manner.

As in all yoga, what matters is the purpose behind your asana!


Maybe you are excited by the thought of registering for a naked yoga session, make your findings. Look out for a reputable yoga studio that explains what you want exactly, including your expectations for the yoga class.

There are likely choices for you to pick from! Decide whether you are comfortable with a co-ed class and whether you like the option of having light clothing on!

Suppose, in the buff surrounded by other disrobed yogis, a sequence of Sun Salutations seems too daunting at first. In that case, in the privacy of your own home, where no other eyes roam the room, you can always give it a try.

The purpose of naked yoga is not, after all, to see or be seen by anyone. It is intended to be a reflective and personally informative experience, like other forms of yoga.