Weight loss is one of the most popular and controversial subjects, and it has been for decades. With hundreds of diet plans, medical procedures and miracle weight loss supplements to choose from, it is difficult to know which is best, and which is healthiest.

As far as I am concerned, anything that calls itself a “diet” is not going to work, for one simple reason. Diet infers you are restricting yourself from what you want to be eating, so it is impossible to adhere to for any amount of time. Diets do not change the fundamental things needed to promote healthy weight loss and sustain it.

Medical procedures are by and large unnecessary and dangerous. They are reserved for the very few cases of obesity that have exhausted all other options.

As far as weight loss supplements go, the vast majority simply do not work. However there are a few key nutritional supplements that can promote weight loss in a healthy fashion while promoting overall health. We will discuss a few of these supplements here.

Top Natural Weight Loss Supplements


Capsaicin is the ingredient in pepper that gives it its heat. While many of us have trouble ingesting a whole lot of this, you won’t have to fight through the tears and burning mouth to harness the weight loss benefits of Capsaicin.

Available in supplement form, you can benefit from Capsaicin’s thermogenic effects without eating extremely spicy food day in and day out. This thermogenic effect burns up the fat stores in the body as well as excess calories that would otherwise be turned into fat. By using these fat stores and excess calories as energy for our cells, the byproduct is heat and a slimmer tummy.

Green Tea Extract

Green tea works on a couple of different levels to help promote healthy fat loss. Not to mention the countless health benefits of this remarkable plant.

Thermogenesis is a function of the body, using up cellular energy to create heat. This gets rid of excess calories and quite literally burns them off. By burning off these excess calories you are not depleting your energy levels, you are taking the calories that would otherwise be deposited in fat stores and burning them up instead.

What is more, this thermogenic effect will actually target existing fat stores. Burning up these fat cells to create energy for your body.

The second major function of Green Tea Extract is it acts as a natural appetite suppressant. By supplementing with the extract or drinking a cup or two of green tea each day you can help combat overeating. This keeps your caloric intake in check and helps you control your cravings.


Fiber has no nutritional value or caloric impact. Yet it is one of the best tools we have in fighting weight gain. How fiber works is actually quite simple, it makes us feel full.

By eating plenty of fiber each day, you are actually slowing down the digestive process, this results in a full feeling that lasts longer. Helping prevent overeating and helping you lose weight without feeling like you are starving yourself.

The added bonus of adding plenty of fiber to your diet is its ability to usher unwanted sugars, fats and toxins from the body. Clearing out our digestive system and preventing these sugars and fats from being absorbed and deposited into our fat stores.

Final Thoughts

By adding these key pieces into your diet you can naturally melt away fat, prevent overeating and increase your energy levels.

No more depriving yourself of foods you love through the latest diet craze just to watch your weight rebound. If you fight fat on a cellular level and prevent the key causes (overeating) you will stand a much better chance of not only losing the weight, but keeping it off for good.

Author Bio: Jeff Sutton is the founder of GlutathionePRO.com, an information based health website emphasizing the importance of the body’s master antioxidant; glutathione. His extensive work with dietary supplements led to the formulation of his very own glutathione supplement, GSH Gold.


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