What You Need to Know To Get Started Rock Climbing

You can’t be a good climber without the right gear – actually, it would be too dangerous to even try. Climb fit is a new trend in the rock climbing industry that has to do with this magnificent sport and pastime in the context of the best new products suited to it out there. Read on to learn more!

Even those who aren’t rock climbers themselves know quite a bit about this intensive, challenging activity. Rock climbers are incredibly resilient and in amazing shape. They are strong both physically and mentally. Both men and women do it and are good at it. It can be very strenuous and exhausting, but the rush you get after each peak is definitely worth the effort.

It would be a mistake to save money off gear though, mostly for health and safety-related reasons.

Rock climbing is a vast notion with great scope. Bouldering and mountain climbing are both types of rock climbing. It’s important to be prepared. You need good climbing shoes, ropes, harnesses, a helmet and many other things.

Not wanting to spend money is one common mistake people make. The other, just as common, is spending too much. The most expensive gear in the shop isn’t necessarily the best. There are different types of equipment for various climbing needs and situations. The idea is that every climber is different, so there really isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution here. It is essential to get the gear that is right for you and meets your needs. Comfort is a big part of this, because climbing is often a prolonged activity.

Climbing shoes

It can be almost impossible to find the right climbing shoe. One consideration would be the type of climbing. For instance, if you do sport climbing, which involves outdoor climbing, you’ll need a different shoe than if you do bouldering. In the former, climbers use permanent anchors to climb faces of rocks, and in the latter, the climbs are short and fast, inside or outside, usually without a rope. Trad climbing is a whole different thing and involves use of temporary hooks in rocks. Then there is free solo climbing, where people climb rock faces without gear. This is the most dangerous type. The shoes here are of paramount importance, as you can imagine!

The most common type is top rope climbing. This can be done even in the gym. You connect a rope at the top of your planned route and at the bottom. It connects to your harness through carabiners. This is a good approach for beginners – it will help you acquire skills without placing yourself in danger.

Click on the link above for more information about rock climbing and gear, especially if you are new to this amazing sport. It is worthwhile to learn a bit of theory before hitting the rocks. I know it’s boring, but it can make you better prepared in unexpected, risky situations. The information about the latest products and developments in the area is definitely worth a read.

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