Obesity is a major epidemic in the Canada and the United States. In light of this, more parents are starting to exercise together to reinforce healthy habits. And because families are finding that the same routine gets a little boring, if they don’t change it up, they are considering non-traditional activities that are both fun and healthy. Let’s consider five of the new family activities that are growing in popularity across the country.


Surfing is a rite of passage for any kid who grows up close to the ocean. If you want to appreciate the awesome power of water, surfing lessons are a great place to start. Surfing is a way to challenge your coordination and balance skills to the max. This makes surfing such a fun family activity.

Riding E-Skateboards

If you thought it was hard to stay balanced on a regular skateboard, you might not be ready for e-skateboards in action. Nevertheless, electric skateboards are all the rage because they are so portable and powerful. These skateboards have the power to climb up hills and make short work of riding straight away on a flat surface. Because they teach coordination and require excellent leg strength and balancing skills, they are an ideal non-traditional activity to incorporate into your routine.


Although there are new powered roller skates, rollerblades are still a great activity that the whole family can enjoy. You will get used to riding on blades in a matter of weeks and find yourself able to quickly traverse any hills or obstacles in your path. This activity, likewise, increases coordination and balancing skills to the max. Check out Roller Skate Dad if you want some more useful tips to get your kids and toddlers started!


If you live near the ocean and like to surf, you should also have tons of fun snorkeling. Snorkeling is just another form of swimming with a mask and snorkel that allows you to stay under the surface of the water for longer periods of time. Snorkeling is best to do in areas that have very clear water.

You can see all the underwater marine life and can usually amplify your mobility with a pair of fins on your feet. Snorkeling is also a way to prepare for scuba diving by adjusting to the practice of taking in a limited volume of air through a mouthpiece while you explore the world beneath the surface.


Parkour is something that is along the lines of gymnastics and military obstacle course drills. Families who practice parkour learn a unique set of problem-solving skills that are effectuated through complex body movements. They may have to somersault off a wall or jump high and plant their feet on a certain fulcrum to make it through the course. There are also freestyle methods where people apply these same parkour skills to any environment.

These are just a few of the new exercise activities that are sweeping across the country. Families, everywhere, are growing hip to the fact that they have to attain exceptional fitness levels to reduce the toll of aging and failing health. People who obtain these high fitness levels also enjoy a higher quality of life and may go on to innovate many things. If you are a parent, you should consider all the fitness options available to you and think outside of the box to formulate your own unorthodox fitness plans.