Let’s start off with a brief introduction to this tropical tree. Kratom, widely seen in the Southeast Asian countries, is known to be a form of natural treatment for various disorders and ailments, used by natives centuries ago and by people from different parts of the world today. Though the uses of Kratom vary, it is most commonly used for its stimulating property by many people all over the world. Pain relief is another major reason why people are attached to Kratom.

The striking effects of Kratom are due to the alkaloids present in the leaves that display similar effects as that of opiates. Though Bulk Kratom are currently available in most parts of the world and through retail stores online, there is a huge controversy surrounding this alternative medicine. Research is still underway to analyze how Kratom acts on the human body and brain. Let’s have a look at what we know about Kratom at present.

Things that are known

  1. In the past, people used to consume Kratom mainly for its stimulating effect. Currently, Kratom users are attached to it for pain relief and mood improvement along with its characteristic of being a stimulant. Kratom leaves impart a bitter taste in its raw form but they are available in the form of powder and capsules. People tend to make teas or mix Kratom powder with other beverages for consumption.
  2. Kratom is also sold in the form of extracts under the names like Biak, Ketum, Thom and Herbal Speedball. They might also sell Kratom as a leaf, usually with a label which reads, “Not for Human Consumption”
  3. Kratom could produce some unexpected symptoms that might make you uncomfortable. It can also result in serious conditions like nausea, irritation, sweating, delusions, psychological symptoms, appetite loss and much more.
  4. Certain effects of Kratom can also be long-lasting leading to conditions like difficulty in breathing, sleeping disorders, rapid urination, darkening of skin and anorexia.
  5. Kratom is often combined with other adulterants and spiking agents which becomes a serious risk to Kratom users.

Things unknown to us

  1. It is still not very clear whether Kratom is addictive. But some believe Kratom can create dependency among its users, thereby leading to side effects on withdrawal. There are reports where people have become so addictive to the extent of even losing their jobs, relationships, and health for the sake of using
  2. Kratom. Additionally, a Thailand based study states that people who have been using Kratom for a long time are prone to using other illegal substances like meth, heroin, and MDMA.
  3. If it is proved that Kratom is addictive, that would put us in a tougher situation since we have no clue about the kind of treatment that would work for Kratom addiction.
  4. It is difficult to find out what other adulterants are being mixed with Kratom and sold in the market. Since it poses a huge problem, the FDA warns the public against the consumption of any products that claim Kratom to be one of its ingredients.
  5. It is advised that you take note of the potential risks before you start consuming Kratom or any drug for that matter. Any information on Kratom or the unregulated drugs that is unknown to us could be the most important information that we are searching for. For more information you can hop over to BKC website.