Diseases such as heart attacks, joint injuries and old age related diseases usually render one unable to perform normal duties properly. This is because these illnesses affect the nervous system of a person, making various body parts such as limbs paralyzed.

Occupational therapy is a medical procedure that focuses on assisting patients with cognitive disability and sensory problems to improve their condition, thus being more independent in their everyday activities. It includes specified daily exercises that the patient conducts routinely with the aim of familiarizing their bodies to the activities, eventually perfecting the same.

Occupational therapy helps people of all age groups in dealing with their health problems, therefore leading their everyday lives in a safe and independent manner.

Occupational therapy for kids

Contrary to what many people believe, occupational therapy is not specifically for adults and the elderly only, but children also get cured through this therapy. When dealing with a kid, the occupational therapist monitors the activities of the patient and compares them with those of other children in the same age group. This ensures that the child grows at the recommended rate and is not affected by physical challenges.

In case the child suffers from ligament problems or other chronic diseases, occupational therapy comes in handy in restoring the limbs in the right condition, and also in controlling the ailments. In many cases, the damaged limbs are restored to their normal condition as the child is still growing. The child can, thus, lead an independent and more productive life.

Occupational therapy for people suffering from stroke

Stroke affects one’s ability to move their limbs and other organs. This could render the patient immobile and unable to perform any duties by themselves. However, occupational therapy comes in handy in restoring the limbs back to a healthy status.
For such conditions, therapists apply constraint-induced therapy to improve the movement of affected limbs. The specialist looks to constrain the movement of unaffected limbs and advises the patient to use the affected limbs as much as possible. Eventually, the affected limbs recover and the patient can perform as efficiently as they did before the illness.

Occupational therapy for the aged

Are you an old person having problems with movement? With the use of occupation therapy, you can recover and move better. Sometimes when a person ages, they lose sensations of their hands and legs. This might even result in the person being unable to walk, thus being forced to use a wheel chair. Such conditions can be rectified through this kind of therapy, provided the condition is not very severe.

Patients with affected limbs are advised to seek the assistance of an occupational therapist who is qualified and experienced in their work. The specialist then gets to conduct daily sessions by stretching the affected limbs. Gradually, the patient regains their sensations, thus regaining their physical independence. Depending on particular patients, the procedure might take a short or long period to recover.

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