You hear people say all the time that they want to find a job where they can help people. Even little kids… when their teachers ask them what they want to be when they grow up, they’ll say things like doctor, fireman, and a police officer. Those are all professions where you’re helping someone.

To choose a profession such as any of those, you really have to have a passion for it because you’re essentially putting others before you; selfless occupations. Well, there are all kinds of ways to “help” people. When you came to the conclusion that you wanted to help people, did you know exactly how you wanted to help people?

You can help people by keeping bad guys off the streets… you can also help people by saving their home from fires… but have you ever thought about how you can help people live healthier lives? It’s not something too many people go into too much thought about… all they know is that they want to help people.

Narrowing It Down

Whether you’re in school, preparing to go to school, or going BACK to school, it’s important to find an area of focus so you can become a specialist. Take a look at some of the best occupations that will truly allow you to help people live healthier lives.


Anywhere from school cafeterias on up to long-term care facilities like nursing homes, all require the help of a dietician. These types of facilities need dieticians to help develop and prepare meal plans that give people the highest nutritional value for people with different types of nutritional needs. Because of that, you will be required to get extensive training in dietetics, food science, and nutrition. Dieticians help people live healthier lives by helping them make healthier food choices which improves a person’s overall wellness.


A dentist helps people live healthier lives by improving their oral health. Dentists diagnose and treat issues with people’s gums, teeth, and mouth. Now, believe it or not, dentists are the one type of doctor that people are afraid of the most.

Fear of the dentist is called dentophobia and Colgate tells us that people who have a phobia of the dentist have a higher risk of gum disease and early tooth loss because they’ll put off visiting the dentist out of fear.

Having a fear of the dentist is pretty normal but in order for people to overcome their fear of the dentist, they just have to do their research and know the best qualities in a dentist and look for those qualities in dentists in their area.


Psychiatrists help people live healthier lives by improving their mental health. People seek help from psychiatrists to help them get through any type of mental and emotional problems like anxiety, depression, and even thoughts of suicide.

Can you imagine living a life where you feel like you can’t get out of your head long enough to get better? That can be very hard and that’s why psychiatrists are there to help. In this profession, psychiatrists are medical doctors but they use talk therapy along with medications to help meet their patients’ needs.

With a career in this field, patients are definitely being helped but it’s also not a career that you’d hear a first grader say when asked what they wanted to be when they grew up. It’s not the common way you would think of helping people but it sure is a great and rewarding way to help people.

Protect Yourself or Else…

You’ve heard people say that doctors are the worst patients… well, for the most part, it’s absolutely true. Do you know how common it is for doctors and healthcare professionals to take such great care of their patients that they tend to neglect their own health? It’s very common.

Doctors encounter all kinds of different work hazards… it just depends on their area of expertise. Dentists also run a high risk of infectious hazards which is why they should protect themselves to prevent long-term bodily damages… this is something you will absolutely need as a dentist or any other type of doctor.

It’s probably somewhat like an out-of-body experience for some of these healthcare providers to be on the opposite end of the stethoscope, which is why they’re deemed as some of the worst patients!