Do you know what one of THE MOST incredible dietary supplements that money can buy is? Pre-workout? Whey? The answer is C, none of the above. In my opinion, the answer is Omega-3 fish oils! Week after week and month after month, it is becoming more frequent to find surfacing studies proving the benefits of adding fish oil supplementation into your diet. The list of reasons is nearly endless, but I will try to cover a few here! Firstly, understand that fish oils are a fatty acid that is taken from the tissues of oily fish. It contains the omega-3 fatty acids which have been gaining lots of attention in health researchers. So let’s go over a few here;

  1. FAT LOSS: When combined with exercise, studies including overweight and obese individuals have shown a large reduction in body fat stores, and especially around the tricky abdominal region!
  2. BRAIN BOOST: Can fish oils make me smarter too? Well, to some extent this may be true! Studies have found large connection between people using fish oil supplementation and cognitive functioning. BUT, the most interesting part is that they also found clear evidence that it helps brain volume in the cerebral cortex and the hippocampus…the most importance stations in our brain used in memory and overall thinking! For athletes such as myself that have taken a few too many headshots over the years, this is exciting news!
  3. INCREASED PROTEIN SYNTHESIS: This has the potential for your body to build more muscle!
  5. REDUCE AGING: This is done by lengthening the telomeres of a cell…but that is for another article.
  6. IMPROVE CARDIO RESPIRITORY FUNCTION …and the list goes on and on!

Fish oils can even help protect us from air pollution!

In Conclusion: If all you have in your supplement stack is pre-workout and protein powder….ditch the unhealthy pre-workout chemical crap, and spend your money on something much healthier that has the potential to do so many incredible things for your body such as greens, multivitamins, antioxidants or in this case, FISH OILS!



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