When doing yoga, your outfit can influence how well you perform as much as the effort you make in doing the poses properly. This rings true in the entire vastness of the yoga culture and its corresponding subcultures.

Each activity can require certain types of clothing to keep you comfortable. This is often based on the environment and physical challenges each type of activity will subject you to. For this, you will probably agree that you should choose the best apparel.

Enter organic yoga clothing. Once you have learned the numerous unique advantages that these types of apparel you will no doubt agree that this should become the norm in yoga fashion. That is assuming you care as much for the earth as you do for your wellness. In the end, isn’t there an integral link between yoga and sustainability in the first place?

What is Organic Yoga Clothing?

There are some who will be quick to regard the “organic” term attached to this with raised eyebrows. Has the yoga industry been penetrated by this trend that normally applies solely to food? The short answer is yes, and that it is only right for brands that manufacture yoga clothing to start going organic.

From organic yoga pants to organic leggings, the primary advantage of choosing organic yoga clothing is that they are eco-friendly. Environmental sustainability can be achieved when all major industries are willing to go the limit in taking the needed steps to ensure it.

That being said, the organic-ness of these types of yoga apparel hinges on the materials that they use. Most are made of cotton that is organically grown and manufactured into clothing without relying on any type of chemical to do so.

The yoga industry has brands that are proactive in ensuring this which speaks volumes about their dedication. What is equally surprising is the fact that organic yoga clothing does not sacrifice looks in place of function. In fact, they often look better than the “generic” ones out there, as will be explained as we list its other benefits below.

Undeniable Benefits of Organic Yoga Clothing

Feels and looks better.

Since the chemicals commonly used to process clothing are virtually absent, you will definitely feel the difference the moment you put them on. If you are prone to rashes and other skin irritations, going for an organic tank top or organic yoga capris will surely do you a world of good. Even the very notion that you are wearing clothes that are good for the environment will undoubtedly make you feel better.

It is also quite evident that these kinds of clothing are more fashionable and stylish too. Just go through the organic yoga clothing catalogue of this site, and you will immediately see what we are talking about.

Designed for long-term use, which helps you save more too.

The quality of organic yoga clothing can not be more apparent. Oftentimes, they are more durable because they do not shrink immediately after just a few washes (a feature that is inherent in cotton). They manage to preserve their comfort because of this. Of course, since these apparels last longer, you will not have to purchase them frequently.

Beneficial to farmers and prevents deaths caused by toxic chemicals.

What could be better than knowing that you are helping to uplift other people and even save lives every year? Farmers like to grow cotton as organically as possible because this method does not harm the earth. It is also a win-win situation because you will be supporting their cause if you continue to purchase organic yoga clothing.


It is obvious from the facts laid out above that organic yoga clothing should be the ideal apparel choice for any type of yoga session. Anything that manages to marry style with function will always emerge as a winner in our books. Compared to others that are all flash and sizzle, organic yoga clothing undoubtedly stands on its own pedestal.