Normally, we don’t really review supplements. We leave that up to the big bad bodybuilding websites of the industry. But, occasionally, something will peak our interest and push us to road test it for 30 days. This time around, that product is: ShredCBD.

(Please note, we got ShredCBD delivered to us. However PFX Labs have made us aware they only ship to the United States due to orders being held at the border – 5/16/2019)

CBD has exploded onto the market recently, and it’s health benefits range from reducing anxiety, to aiding cancer treatment and lastly weight loss (ironic given you associate weed with the munchies). It’s gotten seemingly a bit crazy. But it’s for this reason, we thought we’d give our first CBD supplement a try. And we loved it!

It did exactly what it said on the bottle and more.

We started our review thinking that ShredCBD would just be another product, not getting our hopes too high. But after reading more and more about the benefits of CBD and the actual science behind it we got a little excited.

And whilst we can’t say that ShredCBD gave us any super powers like we’d secretly been hoping it would, it did exactly what it said on then bottle and more.

Undressing ShredCBD

You might be forgiven for seeing ShredCBD as a marketing ploy, on a fancy website full of nice pictures and exciting words. Which it kind of is, but when you actually cut through that and get to it’s core, you’ll find a product that has a high dose of CBD isolate and two other safe (maybe slightly under dosed natural fat burning ingredients).

ShredCBD isn’t the full spectrum oils that you see touted everywhere, instead it’s an isolate version and completely devoid of any side effects and next to no THC. Which is what gets you stoned in cannabis.

Pure CBD Isolate with Next to No THC

The isolate they use is extracted in a cGMP approved facility in the United States, where the supplement is also made and shipped from. No dodgy eastern imports here.

It’s effective, pure and clearly labelled. With parent company PFX Labs ensuring you can easily contact them with any questions or concerns. At ShredCBDs core, you’ve got a high amount of a fantastic supplement for a pretty competitive price.

The product claims to impact weight, appetite and influence your focus and improve sleep.

After a trail of 30 days we are pretty pleased to say we noticed some quite big changes in ourselves.

Our 30 Day ShredCBD Experience

We didn’t write a diary, or even really record the amount of weight we started with. But we did carry on with our regular exercise sessions and maybe tried to eat clean a little more than normal. 

That’s a big thing for us, this is a product to help support you losing weight. While CBD shows a lot of promise in converting white fattty tissue to brown (which burns a lot more calories and speeds up weight lost dramatically) if you want to see your abs in 30 days you’re still going to have to work a bit for it.

Week One on ShredCBD

Within the first week we could completely feel the ironic appetite reduction, we kind of felt like we had more focus to resist food. If that makes sense? Arguably a superpower really. This, meant we could eat cleaner and generally started to make us feel less bloated. We didn’t see much change in our ‘fat’ or ‘weight’, but this is normal.

What else happened in that first week was amazing though. We felt more relaxed, we sleep like babies and we just felt more ‘alive’. It was a bit of a shift and we were very happy with it. It also gave us the ability to move more, exercise more and just live more. Something that contributes heavily to your weight.

Week Two on ShredCBD

Week two saw more of them same. Lots of rest, a reduction in appetite BUT also we saw some reductions in our usual jiggly bits. We felt as if our skin was tighter and we felt a lot healthier overall. Something was happening, and it was good.

Week Three and Four

So things continued and by the end of our time with ShredCBD we certainly felt much healthier and happier. We had lost a few pounds, that’s for sure and things looked a lot leaner around our middle. Our daily energy had improved, our rest was hugely better and our exercise performance had skyrocketed.

Our weight, which wasn’t a huge problem, had also been affected just like they said it would. Remember, eat clean, use the appetite suppression to eat less and use the recovery and better sleep to move more. You’ll be fast tracked to being Shredded by CBD in no time!

The Good, The Bad and the Ugl-CBD

So overall our experience with ShredCBD was fantastic, and we’d even go as far to say as the smaller amounts of Green Tea (packed with antioxidants and fat burning properties) and even Garcinia Cambogia (not as good, but still has proven benefits) had some good impacts on our health and our waistline, so to speak.

But, not all is perfect with ShredCBD and whilst the drawbacks are pretty small, given the cost and amount you get for your money, it’s worth people being made aware of them:

The Bad:

  • Checkout is with Viva Wallet and in £’s – This isn’t a major issue, as the cost is the same and it’s still easy to order and secure. But just be aware you’ll be redirected to pay in GBP after seeing the price in $’s. PFX Labs are UK based, and will be adding $’s soon, apparently. (They also have free shipping to ease the hassle).
  • It’s a new supplement – Again, not a big problem and it worked for us. But there aren’t a ton of reviews online yet. Something that we are sure will pop up in the future. Have you tried it? Comment below!
  • Only ships to the US and has had to stop shipping to Canada sadly. We can count ourselves lucky!  – You can only buy this product if you live in North America. They did ship to us as we are completely legal now in Canada, however there could be issues if you live elsewhere!

The Good:

  • It works – Mainly, it does what it says in terms of weight loss and has a number of other benefits they don’t really tout on the website.
  • Fast free shipping – Yeah, pretty self explanatory
  • Good amount of CBD – 1200mg of isolate per bottle is pretty good, over 60 caps you could even take one bottle over 2 months and get some good effects.
  • Convenient – ShredCBD is a far cry from all the faffy CBD tinctures and oils that could also contain higher amounts of psychoactive and illegal compound THC. It’s safe, pure and easy to manage your dose.
  • It double works – So, lets say you don’t manage to lose weight with this supplement. You’re still going to benefit way more than taking some caffeine packed high stim fat burner which just makes you sick. (Spoken from tragic experience)

Putting the Lid on ShredCBD

Overall ShredCBD is an absolutely fantastic product that offers a very easy to use way to supplement CBD. Whilst we understand it’s largely a good CBD product for athletes, it’s uses extend far into the realms of normal life.

We are big believers in natural supplementation, and if you are curious about the effects of CBD and want to a safe way to take it, ShredCBD is the perfect product for you to try.

Combine it with a bit of exercise and some clean eating and you are well on your way to a slimmer, healthier and happier you.

Whilst our review is over, we doubt our time using ShredCBD is. So, if the owners of United Kingdom based PFX Labs are reading this, please sir, can we have some more? ( 😉 Oliver Twist joke)


Convenient, effective in a few different ways, side effect free and comes with free quick shipping and a great looking shiny bottle. ShredCBD is well worth it’s price tag even if you’re not looking to lose weight.

You can check our ShredCBD for yourself here.