Some people look forward to summer all year so they can relax in the sun, but not hockey players. Winter is prime time for hockey, though you can play the game 12 months a year if you’ve got the right training gear. 

Don’t worry about renting the ice or frozen temperatures if you get equipment from industry leaders like HockeyShot Canada that lets you train wherever and whenever you want. Let’s take a closer look at how it works.

Synthetic Ice Tiles

You can skate without hoping the pond freezes over or finding inexpensive off-hours to rent ice at any season, wherever you want, indoors or out, when you get the right synthetic ice tile. The tiles have a slick surface that feels just like skating on ice.

The tiles are modular so that you can make a rink of any size. High-quality tiles last for years, and they’re lighter and easier to move around. Practice your stride, making and receiving passes, and work on your shooting skills. 

Even goalies will love taking shots on the ice tiles to develop their footwork and face pucks that come off a stick just like they would on real ice.

Stickhandling Drills

A sick dangle isn’t just something that looks great on the highlight reel. The ability to stickhandle out of traffic lets your team retain possession of the puck, so you can buy time and make a pass or wrist one bar-down. 

Players need to make the most of their scoring chances when they happen, and stickhandling lets them do it. Choose from different obstacles to stickhandle around and in between, including a fake set of skates and a stick designed to withstand punishment. 

Next time the puck ends up on your stick, you’ll be ready to handle it.


The ability to shoot a puck is essential — it’s the last thing you do before scoring! Developing accuracy, strength, and a quick release makes you a devastating threat, whether you’re a centre or a defensive player patrolling the blue line. 

Choose a shooting pad that genuinely feels like ice and will last you for years. Shooting a puck on gravel or pavement will wear down your stick. Plus, it’s an entirely different experience, and it’s crucial for your training to replicate the conditions in which you play.

Select a target for your net, or use a goalie cut-out with room to score 5-hole, off the post and top corners. Shooting requires a lot of repetition. You’re lucky to get a scoring chance in a game, so you need to be ready to put the puck behind the goalie when they occur — practice in realistic conditions as often as you like with modern training equipment.

Finally, hockey players don’t need to wait for temperatures to drop to improve their game. Get the right ice hockey training gear, and you’ll have endless fun sharpening your skills 12 months a year.