As the summer approaches, there’s a general shift in lifestyle choices. From food consumption to clothes, shoes, and even dressing styles for sports activities, you need to make changes because of the hot weather.

If you’re one of those who enjoy a good run, stretch, or engage in any sports activity, you may be wondering what type of sporting styles you can wear in the summer. While outfits for 70 degree weather work for winters, here’s a quick rundown of the most popular styles suitable for summers.

1. Shorts

Shorts are amongst the most common and popular sports outfits anyone can wear in the summer. Whether male or female, shorts are fitting for all and are synonymous with summer style.

Shorts are multifunctional and can be worn on various occasions. They’re also made from different materials. You have combat shorts, jean shorts, printed shorts, among others. It’s, therefore, important to choose something that is sports-oriented and also summer- friendly.

The best shorts for sports are the type worn by athletes. This is because the materials are lighter, and they allow proper airflow within the fabric.

Men can create their own styles by matching shorts with simple T-shirts or sports shirts appropriate for summer. They can also wear a loose tank top. The ladies can sport their shorts with tank tops or fashionable sports bras of variable lengths.

2. Tank Tops

Like shorts, tank tops are among the most popular sportswear for summers. They are also very easy to style, which makes them one of the most go-to styles for sportspeople.

Tank top suits are something you should try. They are simple and of proper length. The material is also light and permits free airflow.

A vital thing to understand about tank tops is that some colors and materials can generate heat. You should always lookout out for lighter shade colors like grey, white, ash, light blue, etc. to avoid colors that may make you feel hot.

Preferably, buy tank tops made of materials that are not tightly packed. Look for ones made of breathable materials that allow space for proper ventilation.

The good thing about tank tops, like shorts, is that they also go with everything. You can pair them with light-material leggings, shorts, and even skirts (for the tennis players).

To create a perfect summer style, match them with fashionable sports sneakers that are easy to walk or exercise in and breathable.

3. Leggings

This item has gone from being simple indoor wear to real-time sporting wear, most notably for the female folk.

Asides from the fact that they come in an endless variety of styles and colors, leggings are also known for fashion and multi-functionality.

Many sporting wear outlets today sell leggings paired with a matching sports bra. Others have leggings separately in neutral colors to match with other sports attire.

Light material leggings are the best and most appropriate for summer. This is because of the sweat and the need for air circulation. Create a fashionable summer style by matching your leggings with a tank top or a sports bra, along with some lightweight mesh sneakers.

4. Spandex Sports Styles

Spandex is very much related to leggings, but the material is stretchy and expands more than leggings.

Both males and females can use spandex. They come in different styles and lengths ranging from short to long ones. There are also sport-fitted styles that can be used for different sports. What’s more, there’s a specially designed spandex for summers that comes with odor prevention and sun-protective features.

Whichever type of spandex tickles your fancy, you can use it for any sports and create your summer style. For instance, you can pair spandex with T-shirts or baggy tank tops if you are wearing half spandex. You can also go for the full-on, complete spandex look.

5. Gowns

Yes, dresses have been making huge statements in sports, most especially summer sports. Sporty gowns may be added to the list for women who love their gowns for any occasion.

These sports gowns are fitted with the right lightweight materials. They are short-sleeved to suit any sporting activity you wish to take on. They are suitable for sports like golf, tennis, yoga, cycling, and so on.

Many sport gowns come with in-built bike shorts for activities like yoga, cycling, and even tennis. They also have sun protecting properties and breathable fabrics that allow free airflow at all times.

Sporty dresses come in different colors. The colors are mostly neutral to avoid heat generation and absorption, and these gowns are stylish and functional. So, if you want to enter your next sporting event in style, consider sporting a sports gown.


Finding the right sports style for the summers that’s both fashionable and functional may look challenging. However, with the right tips, you can take the challenge head-on. Following the tips above can help you understand some of the most popular summer sports styles. What more are you waiting for, get your sports gear, and get ready for the summer!