After accomplishing an arduous yet satisfying workout at the gym, don’t just re-rack the weights and go home. Self-care doesn’t stop after you complete your exercise regimen. Post-workout routines are equally essential as the exercises you do. So, here are some ways to take better care of yourself after your training session. 

Hair Care

The dirt and sweat you encounter as you do your workout routine can do a negative number on your hair. Rinsing with water or taking a cold shower without applying proper hair care after the training session can leave long-term damage to your healthy locks. 

But, it doesn’t mean solutions don’t exist to help keep your hair as smooth and manageable post-workout. Here are some tips to help keep your locks beautiful after your strenuous exercise session:

  • Use A Shampoo

That greasy feeling when you touch your hair after you ran for an hour on the treadmill might not just be sweat. Oil or sebum production on your scalp can go on overdrive when you’re sweating it out during your training. 

Try a shampoo for oily hair after your workout regimen. For instance, consider a dry shampoo to soak up the excess oil. However, remember to use a towel to soak any lingering sweat in your locks before using the shampoo. Otherwise, you may not get satisfactory results from using this hair care product. 

  • Brush Your Hair

Your arms might be too tired after those explosive dumbbell rows or pull-ups. But, don’t just leave the gym with your wind-swept-looking hair. Instead, take a few minutes to brush your hair. 

Consider using a boar bristle brush. This tool helps break any congestion from the roots. Also, this brush can help distribute your hair’s natural oils throughout your locks. 

  • Don’t Use Elastics On Wet Hair

Do you have long locks?  If so, then, it’s tempting to wrap your hair in a bun after a quick post-workout shower. But, those elastic bands can damage your hair over time. 

Instead of using elastic bands, let your hair free until it’s dry. Air- or blow-drying are both excellent options in this regard. 

Skin Care

Like your hair, don’t forget to care for your skin after your workout session. Remember, one of the reasons you’re working out is to look good. You can show off by wearing skimpy clothes, but your skin might tell a different story. 

Thus, here are a couple of quick tips to help take your post-workout skin care routine to the next level. 

  • Change Out Of Your Workout Clothes

By the end of a rigorous exercise, perhaps, the only thing in your mind is to take a rest. Changing out of your workout clothes may not be in your mind right now. 

However, you should remove your workout attire, like compression tops and leggings, after your training session. The tight, moisture-wicking materials you wear might not be non-breathable. As a result, your skin is “choking” as the material traps oil and dead skin in your flesh. 

Failure to remove these small substances can cause unwanted skin ailments, like acne. 

  • Wash Your Face

Your face can be at the forefront of a sweaty visage during and after your exercise routine. Sweat can waterfall down from your scalp to your face. Furthermore, sweat can carry dirt and dead skin cells inside pores, which can lead to breakouts and other skin concerns. 

So, don’t just wash your face with water after your training. Use a facial cleanser that’s fit for your skin type to remove the excess sweat and dirt from your face. 


Many people who want to start a fit and healthy lifestyle often overlook post-workout nutrition. Take note that proper diet and exercise should be together. You won’t be able to achieve that sick-pack abs through training alone. 

So, the following are a few DOs and DONTs of post-workout nutrition that you should follow to help you achieve a fitter and healthier body than before:

  • Fuel Your Body With Protein

Protein helps the body repair muscles, which break or tear during an intense exercise session. Get protein from lean sources, like chicken, fish, or grass-fed beef. 

  • Eat Healthy Fats

The term “fat” gained a stigma in different health and fitness communities. But, you can eat healthy fat, like the “good” fat in dairy products, such as cheese and milk. Healthy fat can help lower cholesterol levels, along with reducing risks of heart diseases. 

  • Avoid Sugary Sweets

Sugars, especially from processed sweets, like doughnuts and ice cream, can reduce your chances of obtaining a fit and lean body. Processed sugars can turn into unwanted fat, and it’s also one of the components responsible for muffin tops. 

  • Don’t Drink Alcohol

It’s tempting to reward yourself with an alcoholic beverage after a good workout session. But, alcohol is a colossal NO after exercises. Alcoholic beverages slow down the repair process of exercise-induced muscle breaks and tears. Furthermore, alcohol is a diuretic, which can put your hydration levels to extreme lows after a dehydrating workout. 

Remember to take care of your hair, skin, and nutrition after your training session. It might be tempting to go home after working out at the gym and do nothing. But, consider these tips to ensure that you’ll always maintain proper health in different aspects of your body.