It was an emotional day for me. One of those days that from the moment I woke up, it seemed as though a snowball of events were unfolding against me. Then, as I got to TNP Fitness – my place of work – I received some inconvenient news, and was not happy. I continued to get caught up in all the business formalities of the morning, and I was going from one thing to the next, in a stressed out, angry kind of way.

It happened to be a Tuesday, one of the three days in the week, that Scottie Mergart, a long-time friend of mine, comes in for a personal training session. I thought about calling Scottie and his mom to cancel; however, for some reason something inside wouldn’t let me do it. It was now 10:45 – 15 minutes before our session – and I was completely unaware that I was about to learn one of the most important lessons of my entire life.

You can always tell when it’s Scotties footsteps walking up the stairs into the studio. Scottie is never in a rush. He stays completely in the moment at all times. When he enters the room there is a sense of cool and calmness that bleeds contagiously into the mood of everyone there. He walks through the door and looks right at me and stops. He usually takes a couple seconds to analyze my mood, and then displays one of the largest, most infectious smiles one could ever witness. My mood couldn’t help but lighten for a brief moment, but I stubbornly went back to my negative state. He started to sense my energy and walked closer to me. “Hey pal, hop on the treadmill and start warming up” I said. Soon after, I shouted out some words of frustration after reading another inconvenient email. Scottie is watching me closely now, and all of a sudden said 2 words that forever changed the way I operate:

“Kaylor… Relax”.

I wish the whole world could see how Scottie Mergart articulated these words. This simple phrase, coming from Scottie, struck me like a brick wall. Here is a man the same age as myself, who could use all the excuses in the world not to be happy, and to not make it to a workout. There I was, forgetting to be grateful for my opportunities in life, having a pity party about some little things that didn’t go my way. In the almost five years we have been training together, Scottie has never presented an excuse to cancel a workout, and every single session, shows up with a smile on his face. Right then and there – with those powerful words – Scottie taught me everything I ever need to know. That the first key to life is just showing up, and the second, most important key, is to show up with a smile, no matter what.

I have been friends with Scottie Mergart for over fifteen years now, and I can tell you that I have learnt more about true “success” from him, than from anyone else in my life. He has taught me that success is not a bunch of money. It is not achievement or notoriety, or a fancy car and a fancy house. Although those things are nice to have, Scottie has shown me, that real success is a mindset. Success is the ability to live in a beautiful state, in every moment, no matter what your circumstances are. Scottie Mergart is truly successful, and one of the very few, that I know of.

In a world where everyone is running around chasing a bunch of meaningless, materialistic things, to try and put a smile on their face, Scottie is not participating in this race. He is fully present in every moment, and he just wants to laugh, love and most importantly; he wants the people around him to do the same. He has taught me that life is too important to take so seriously. He is an amazing example to the world, that the only disability someone can have, and I truly mean the only disability, is a bad attitude.


By Kaylor Betts – TNP Fitness