If you have been trying to schedule a pain management appointment for a long time, you may not know what to do when you finally schedule it. Good pain management specialists like Dr. Bart Gatz in Greenacres will help you feel comfortable. Below are some tips that may help you prepare for your pain management appointment.

Understanding What Pain Physicians Do

Pain physicians, also known as pain management specialists, are experts in the assessment, treatment, and prevention of pain. The type of management specialist you choose depends on your diagnosis and symptoms. Pain physicians specialize in fields such as psychiatry, orthopedics, and rheumatology.

Preparing for a Pain Management Appointment

1. Prepare relevant documents such as your insurance card and photo ID.

2. Bring a list of the medication that you currently use to manage pain. You should also bring radiology films if you have any. Your X-Ray and MRI images will help the physician understand your history.

Requirements for Patients that Need Sedation

1. Do not consume any food six hours before your treatment.

2. Avoid full drinks such as milk and some fruit juices.

3. Bring a driver to take you back home after your treatment.

4. You may drink moderate amounts of clear liquids up to two hours before the treatment. Clear liquids include; clear juices and tea.

Write Down a List of Questions and Concerns

If it is your first appointment, you may have plenty of questions and concerns. Write them down to ask your specialist. Writing them down helps to ensure that you do not forget anything. The following are some of the most important questions to ask:

  • What is the primary cause of my pain?
  • Why is the pain triggered by certain weather conditions?
  • Are there any situations that I can avoid to manage the pain?
  • Are there alternative treatment options that could work for me?
  • What methods can you use to treat my pain?
  • What self-management options are available?
  • Can I get help from a nutritionist or physical therapist?
  • Why is it important for me to work with a pain specialist?
  • What resources can you give me to understand my type of pain and manage it better?
  • What are the potential risks and side effects of different treatment options?

On the Date of the Appointment

On the date of your appointment, you will probably be nervous and stressed out. Try some mindful exercises and take long, deep breaths. If you are stressed out, the symptoms might start to flare up.

Plan to Update Your Doctor

If it is not your first appointment, plan to update your doctor. Let them know about anything that might have happened since your last visit. If you have seen a different specialist or been treated in an emergency room, you should let the physician know. You should also notify them about any changes in your diet, sleep patterns, or energy levels.

Plan to Share the Name of Your Former Doctors

Your physician may ask about the name and address of your former doctor. You should have it ready. They may need the information to get copies of your medical records. This is especially important if you are seeking help in a different city.

With some preparation, your pain management appointment may be smooth and fun. Whether you are seeking help for the first time or continuing with a doctor you have seen for a long time, preparation is important.