Are you ready for a change in your life? Does a long-distance relative need your help? Are you relocating temporarily for a job or educational opportunity? There are lots of reasons people decide they’re going to travel long-term. Be it to explore the world around them, help someone out, or to advance professionally, the transition isn’t one to take lightly. Before you can just “cast your cares” and hit the road, you must have a plan. 

Decide How Long You’ll Be Gone

It’s important to have a clear understanding of how long you’re going to be gone. Are you testing the waters to become a nomad? Do you just need a hiatus for 6 months to a year? If you’re moving in with a loved one who needs help, how long will they need you? The duration of your journey will greatly impact the rest of the factors to be discussed below. 

Learn All You Can About Where You’re Going

Though the best lessons come from experience, learning as much as you can about the place(s) you plan on traveling to is ideal. Unlike when you’re traveling to a destination for a few days, you will essentially be living there for a few months. So, you want to know things like what the weather is like, what type of cuisine they have, whats the local culture, how to speak some basics of the language, the quality of life, things to do, economic climate, and more.

Come Up With a Budget

How much will it cost you on average to live long-term in another state or country? You have to factor in housing, food, transportation, entertainment, and other expenses. You can review reputable travel blogger sites to get detailed information on how much it costs to stay in a particular country per day. This will give you a better idea of how much you need to have before you up and leave for the next few months. 

Decide How to Earn Money

If you already have an online business then earning money from virtually anywhere is possible for you. However, for those who have a traditional job, you have to consider how you will support yourself while you’re traveling all that time. Eventually, what you have saved up will run out. There are plenty of options to choose from, however. If you have a large house, you can pay that 30 year fixed jumbo mortgage and have a little extra change in your pocket each month by turning it into a vacation home. You can also housesit, answer surveys for cash, become a mystery shopper, teach English, become an online tutor,  start a blog, and so much more.

Get Your Finances in Order

Taking debt and money troubles on the road with you is really no way to live. Before you’re scheduled to travel for a while, do what you can to start getting your finances in order. Start maximizing your budget and increasing your savings. Work on paying down your debts and improving your credit as well. 

Get Healthy

Traveling can really take on toll on your health if you’re not in tip-top shape. Not to mention, getting quality medical treatment wherever you travel isn’t always easy or affordable. So start developing healthy habits that will enhance your wellbeing. Eat a better diet, exercise regularly, reduce stress, get plenty of sleep, and learn how to effectively do all of these things while you travel. You should also get screenings and exams with your doctor and dentist to ensure there aren’t any underlying conditions you need to deal with first. 

Prepare Emotionally

What you may not realize at first, is how much being a long-distance traveler can impact you emotionally. Though you’re getting away from the everyday struggle, you’re in completely new surroundings away from everything and everyone you know. It can be hard at times to be away from friends and family. Spend time with your loved ones, and more importantly develop ways to keep in touch while you’re away.

Traveling long-term sounds exciting (and can be) but there are a lot of other dynamics that must be worked out before you quit your job and sell everything you own. It is best to prepare yourself for this significant transition in your life by doing your research and getting your health and finances in order. In doing so, you have created a better foundation to make this experience a positive one.