Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy

We thank you for visiting YEG Fitness.
This privacy policy encompasses all matters related to the collection, use and disclosure of personal information voluntarily supplied by you (users) through our website(s). This includes information such as your name, address, email, telephone number or business information.

Information Collection and Use
We collect your Personal Information when you request to receive alerts via email, the use of referral functions or by contacting us via our web form.

In submitting your email to us as part of your subscription, we use your email address for no other purpose than to email you the requested alert or information that you have authorised and you have the option to unsubscribe anytime.

In order to improve our services to you, we may also collect information related to site usage behaviour. This includes what web pages you viewed, the number of times you viewed each page, what search criteria you used and so on. In addition to assist us to further optimize our site(s) we may collect information about the browser (such as Google Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer) you are using and its screen resolution.

Under no circumstances do we disclose any personal or company information to any party; or any other information that can disclose an individual/company identity.

YEG Fitness may under reasonable grounds be compelled under law to release your personal information.

YEG Fitness has industry standard security measures to keep information stored in our servers protected against unauthorized access; this includes (but not limited to) the use of data encryption techniques and firewalls.

Updates to this Policy
Please note this privacy policy can be changed or updated, so we encourage you to visit this page regularly.



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