An active lifestyle is extremely important to boost fitness and longevity. One cannot deny the role of daily exercises in keeping you fit and fine. It is very difficult to ignore the various health benefits associated with regular exercises. Daily workout regimen proves to be immensely beneficial for everyone irrespective of age or sex or even physical ability. If you wish to be a fitness instructor to help people achieve their fitness goals, you need to enroll in a fitness academy. However, there are certain things you need to keep in mind while choosing the fitness academy to get your certification. You also, need to know if you really have the aptitude and what it takes to be a fitness instructor.

Importance of Daily Exercises in Boosting Fitness and Health

A daily exercise regimen is necessary to boost your stamina and energy level. An active way of life helps to enhance productivity, uplift your mood and enable you to concentrate and focus on daily chores. Planning and following a fitness regimen helps to build and boost confidence and enhance self-esteem. Daily exercises are great for relieving stress, reducing tension and anxiety and getting rid of depression symptoms.

Role of a Fitness Instructor in Customizing Daily Workout Regimen

During those days when daily exercise regimen had not become so scientific all clients were given the same set of exercises to do or same fitness routine to follow and there was nothing personal about the training. However, things are different now and personal training is all about customizing fitness regimen as per client’s unique requirements and fitness goals. Customization helps to motivate clients to stick to the routine and attain their fitness objectives with 100 per cent dedication and determination.

It is best if you could browse through the recent examiner’s article on becoming a personal trainer, to get a clear idea of what the job of a personal trainer entails and if you are really up to it. While designing workout regimen for their clients, personal trainers not only need to customize the routine for efficacy but also ensure that the clients would be happy with the fitness regimen and would remain motivated to achieve their fitness objectives. Personal trainers aspire to make every session interesting. They emphasize on variety and try out various exercises for affecting diverse sets of muscles.

Comprehensive Fitness Regimen A Must

Cardiovascular Exercises: You must include a few basic cardiovascular exercises that help to build endurance by accelerating the heart rate, booting oxygenation of blood, making large muscle-groups work, and triggering faster breathing. Jogging, walking, aerobics, biking, dancing, skipping, swimming etc. are good examples of cardiovascular exercises.

Strength Training: You must introduce new challenges, new stimuli to test the strength of the client. Familiarize the client with cutting-edge gym equipment and integrate exercises such as sit-ups, push-ups and pull-ups for infusing variety and interest in the daily workout program.

Flexibility Exercises: You must include exercises that help in stretching the body and making it really flexible. These exercises are effective in enhancing overall fitness and aiding muscles and joints to develop full motion range capability.

Core Exercises: It is important to work out core area muscles- lower back, stomach and the pelvis for achieving overall fitness. Yoga asanas, weight machine exercises and sit-ups targeted toward these abdominal muscles.

Daily Exercises Help in Weight Management

Follow daily workout regimen for preventing excess weight gain or for maintaining weight loss. One could burn calories by engaging in physical activities. Depending on the intensity of your fitness regime, you tend to burn calories and lose weight. It is a good habit to stick to a specific workout regime every day, but in case you miss out on the regular exercises, you could keep yourself active by consciously taking the stairs and not the elevator or accelerating the usual pace at which household chores are done.

Diet remains an integral factor in weight management, but regular exercises enhance weight loss potential. Losing weight without really exercising may end up with loss of muscle mass as a result of which you would not enjoy the benefits of strengthening and toning.

Regular Exercises Help in Combating Health Issues

If you wish to combat heart disease or high blood pressure, it is a good idea to do regular exercises. If you are involved in high intensity workouts, there is a reasonable boost in good cholesterol or high-density lipoprotein and a drop in unhealthy triglycerides. High intensity workouts also minimizes the risk of cardio vascular issues, and diseases such as metabolism syndrome, cancer, stroke, type2 diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, depression, hypertension etc.

It has been proved beyond doubt that an active lifestyle is able to manage blood sugar levels, cholesterol and blood pressure, enhance balance and flexibility and cut down mineral loss. Always consult your doctor before you initiate an exercise regimen so that he can guide you to choose activities that would be beneficial to your specific health issues and needs.


Author Bio:

Sujain Thomas is a personal trainer who has been training individuals and groups for a past few years. She writes about fitness, training courses and leading a fit and healthy life.