It’s not an unknown fact that excess body fat can cause lifelong complications such as heart disease and diabetes to name a few. If you’re looking to shed those extra pounds, you may have to employ some serious changes in your diet and lifestyle. The good thing about living in the contemporary world is that you get to enjoy the perks of technological innovations in almost every sphere of life.

More recently, there have been advancements in the weight-loss industry that allow you to lose fat without employing serious changes in your life. However, it’s important to take the natural course through the weight-loss journey before undertaking anything else.

Cardio Exercises

Making your body habitual of working out may require some time but nothing works better for your body in the long run than the right kind of workout. Most people waste time doing the bare minimum but expect life-changing results out of it. While working out in any capacity is good for the body, fat loss requires a combination of different exercises over time.

Workout regimes planned for burning calories are supposed to be short and intense so that your body gets the best out of those 15 or 20 minutes. Some exercises recommended for burning calories are:

  • Hill sprints
  • Pushes/Sled drags
  • Assault bike

Professionals recommend choosing only one of these for a short workout as it’s enough to tap into your energy systems efficiently. No matter what your primary workout is, incorporating one of the given exercises at least twice a week will help your body take the right course.

Fat Burners

Try incorporating a nutritional element like the Oxyshred fat burner in your daily routine. It works by giving your body an extra boost amidst the heavy and stressful workouts. Moreover, it’s a low-calorie beverage that acts as a perfect companion to your diet. It contains ingredients that help burn body fat especially if you take it before and after a workout. There’s also the added benefit of different flavours to choose from.

Generally speaking, a thermogenic fat burner has a lot of benefits compared to any other product of the same calibre. It targets your fat receptor cells directly and helps you lose even the most stubborn fat.

Weight Lifting

After cardio exercises and the right nutritional supplements, if there’s anything your body needs, it’s a well-balanced weight lifting regime. After all, your body needs muscles to stay in shape. Muscles are the most valuable parts of your body that give you just the right kind of aesthetic appeal in the absence of fat.

Interestingly, they burn calories during the day as well as during the night when you’re fast asleep. That’s how efficient this part of your body is. This is why including a good weightlifting regime helps increase your muscle mass while simultaneously shredding fat.

However, it’s important to understand that lifting anything random will not help you get toned. If your body gets accustomed to holding the same amount of weight every time, it may not get you the desired results. This is because your body can adapt to weight very quickly and over time, the method can become redundant.

Intermittent Fasting

As opposed to crash diets and starving for days, intermittent fasting is a much more practical approach to cutting out your calories. This eating pattern consists of fasting for a specified period. Generally, people follow the “16:8” method where you fast for 16 hours and consume for 8 hours with regular breaks in between. Apart from fat loss, there’s also the added benefit of staying alert during the mornings.

The reason this practice has become popular over time is that it utilizes fat already stored in your body as a source of energy. However, you can also find another ratio to fit your body’s needs best. People often start with a 14:10 distribution before easing into the 16:8 pattern.

If you’re actively involved in taking other measures to reduce your body fat such as cardio, weight-lifting and supplements, etc. you can also try incorporating intermittent fasting in your routine. However, make sure to not extend it for a long period.

In conclusion, consult a healthcare or fitness expert to help you set foot on the right track in terms of losing weight. Based on your expert’s recommendation, follow a carefully formulated plan to help you move forward.