Dr. Rick S Schwartz is one of the premier endodontic surgeons in San Antonio. Endodontic specialists can address many dental issues, including performing surgery. 

Many people never go to see endodontic specialists because of fear, while others are ignorant about what an endodontic specialist does. 

The following are reasons why you should visit an endodontic specialist:

Increased Tooth Sensitivity

Your teeth respond differently to varying levels of temperature. When your tooth becomes too sensitive, it may be a sign of a worse issue which an endodontic specialist can address.

The main reason why your teeth may become extremely sensitive to heat and cold is infection. The infection will erode the tooth and leave nerve ends exposed.

Therefore, if you are in excruciating pain after drinking hot tea or a cold soda, you should visit an endodontic specialist. They will find the cause of the issue and offer you treatment options.

Chronic Pain

Sometimes, your tooth is not only more sensitive, but it may also suffer from a lot of pain. If the pain arises in acute bouts or has lasted for a long time, you should see an endodontic specialist.

Constant pain is an obvious sign that there is an issue with your teeth. However, many people choose to use short term solutions such as pain medication instead of addressing the root of the problem.

Your tooth will be painful even with the tiniest pressure, including when you try to chew. If so, an endodontic specialist will help alleviate the pain. 

Teeth Discoloration

Many things can cause the discolouration of teeth. One of them is the spreading of an infection in a tooth.

Gradual discolouration may be the result of drinking hard water, alcohol, and smoking cigarettes, among other lifestyle habits. However, abrupt darkening of the teeth is usually symptomatic of an infection.

Therefore, if you notice that your teeth are getting discoloured, you should visit an endodontic specialist to be sure that it is not an infection. They will also offer advice as to how to brighten your teeth.

Pus Drainage

An oral infection can result in a pocket of pus in your mouth. The pus can leak occasionally leading to drainage of a foul-smelling liquid in your mouth.

Pus can also be made in the presence of a severe infection. On the other hand, it is difficult to find out if there is drainage, especially if you are constantly chewing.

Treating such an infection is crucial, or you risk negatively affecting the health of your mouth and the rest of your body.


Some people are born with deformities while some acquire them from gruesome accidents. Regardless, if you suffer from a dental deformity, an endodontic specialist can help you rectify it.

The majority of oral deformities only cause aesthetic problems, but there are others that pose a serious oral health risk.

An endodontic surgeon will perform surgery to correct the structure and arrangement of your teeth. It will solve the aesthetic issues and more importantly, the health issues.

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