Reebok is gearing up for springtime outdoor sports activities by introducing the Fast Flexweave, a running shoe designed for ultracomfort and maximum speed.

The shoe is constructed using Flexweave, a new technology that utilizes a weave that interlocks an unlimited number of fibers to provide seamless lightweight flexibility and breathable top support. Its 3D foam midsole comes equipped with footprint mapping for adaptive precision cushioning and the carbon rubber rims under the toe and heel provide outstanding traction. It’s cut low to allow the foot the versatility to transition quickly from one movement to another.

Reebok partnered with London tailor Huntsman and Sons for a creative endeavor unlike any other. From a running shoe to a dapper suit, the distinctive material’s versatility comes through in this initial collaboration. As Reebok continues to push boundaries in fitness apparel and in footwear innovation, it only made sense for them to work with a partner that does the same.


After putting the shoe to the test running on the treadmill and training in the gym, we can attest that the Flexweave provides a performance fit and look unlike any other. As soon as I put the shoes on I was impressed by their comfort and fit. The shoes were immediately comfortable and remained so even after the vigorous workout; no breaking-in period seems to be needed.

After working through a series of drills designed to focus on strength, agility, and speed which included short sprints, box jumps, cleans, sled pushes and thrusters, the Flexweave running shoe definitely felt light and fast. The material was supportive without being restrictive, easily facilitating the demands of high-power moves. Wearing shoes that enhanced my movement without sacrificing comfort or stability gave me confidence that I could engage in a more diverse workout without risk of injury.

The new Flexweave is available now at Reebok stores and online beginning March 1.