I’m not a Crossfitter but I do love active sports and lifting. I’m pushing 45 and my body may not work the way it did when I was younger, but I still enjoy a good workout and keeping up with the younger generation. To make things a bit easier on my knees and ankles, I’m always looking for a pair of kicks that are lightweight and offer support in the places I need it.

So recently, Reebok Canada sent us a pair of the men’s and women’s Reebok Speed TR 2.0’s to review. We put them through the test running the Wolf Willow Stairs, doing a spin class at our Community Sweat at Spinunity and playing soccer in our Edmonton Sport & Social Club team game.


It takes a confident person to go walking into a room with a new pair of bright red shoes on. Some may prefer to go the black option and blend in, but I loved the colour. I call them my Flash shoes and whether it actually makes me run faster or not, I think they look awesome. Comfortable and form fitting, the shoes were perfect for our indoor turf soccer game. The lightweight material helped us push through 60 minutes on the field. They held up well while cutting and making the odd slide tackle (no one was harmed in the testing of these shoes).


Aside from the durability, I think the best part about the Speed TR 2.0 is the fit.  Thanks to the new upper material, the 2.0’s feel a little more roomy inside. The 2.0’s are slightly wider than the originals and felt roomier in the length (I went with my regular 10 and should have gone down a half size). Though it’s a little loose, it’s still comfortable and at least my toes aren’t being crushed in front and with a little activity, my feet swell and fill the shoe up better. Climbing the Wolf Willow Stairs was handled all that much better as a result with my foot having a bit more room to slide into on each step up.

I’ve tried other brands over the past year and find the arch support a bit limited when compared to some of the other brands. Something to consider if this is an issue for you.


I wouldn’t say these are runners. If you are looking for a pair to use for one of your 10 k or half-marathon races, there might be a better option. The Speed TR’s are some of the best training shoes that Reebok makes however. I might go as far to say that they’re the best that Reebok currently makes…

We recently tested out the Nano 7.0’s, which are awesome looking and are great for lifting, but they’re still not the best to run in. In my opinion, the Speed TR 2.0’s do a much better job encompassing the spirit of CrossFit in a shoe. There’s nothing you would think twice about doing with having the Speed 2.0’s on, including running!

The platform has a more narrow, running like shape and doesn’t quite hold your foot in place, but I wouldn’t go as far to say that the Speed’s were unstable in any direction. Complex movements were all possible with the shoe on. The midsole offers only a little bit of cushioning, but still airs more on the stability side, meaning it doesn’t compress very much at all, almost identical to the previous generation.

What really seals the deal for the Speed 2.0’s is that they’re just extremely flexible and comfortable. Not only is the upper plush and flexible, the outsole and midsole is superflexible as well, letting your feet move more naturally. The only non-flexible area is around the middle where there’s definitely a midfoot shank to help with propulsion. Speaking of the outsole, the pattern makes for some of the grippiest shoes on the planet, whether it be the ground or the rope for you Crossfitters out there.


Value & Conclusion:

Besides the great fit, one of the best things about the Speed 2.0 is that it only costs $115! Making them a steal once again compared to many other brands with similar performance abilities. Durability is yet to be determined as I’ve only tested them out in 3 workouts, but if the fit and support are any indication of what’s to come, they should be good. For those of you that only have money to spend on one pair of athletic shoes, these are the ones.

I like shoes that you can do everything in whether it be lifting, team sports or going for a short run in the river valley. The Reebok Speed TR 2.0’s are currently my favourite shoe in Reebok’s line-up. They can hang with more expensive shoes when it comes to lifting, but you won’t need to take them off when it comes to running stairs as well. Heck, you probably won’t want to take them off after your workout because they’re just so nice to wear!


For more information or to order your pair, visit reebok.ca