“Health” and “wellness” can’t just be trendy words that organizations use to attract top candidates during the hiring process. They are very real concerns that affect a team’s success and your business’s bottom-line.

People believe the myth that performance is easy to measure. But it’s not just about how many miles you can run. It’s how you feel when your alarm clock goes off; it’s the thoughts in your head as you lace up your sneakers; it’s the difference between hitting the ground running and forcing yourself to endure another long boring jog.

Everyone in a successful business/organization has the same goal. We all want to do better, go faster and finish in a way that leaves us fulfilled. But there’s no magic “one size fits all” kit to make this happen and forcing people down the wrong path risks burning out your best and brightest altogether.

Ignite 360 is an immersive multi-day event that goes beyond buzzwords to offer practical, real world insights on how to do your best work and thrive—not just survive. It pushes participants to rethink their concepts of “health” and “wellness” and how they relate to leadership, teamwork, culture and performance, asking, “Why burn people out, when it’s easier to keep their flame alive?” Through informative keynote speeches and interactive workshops, leading professionals in sleep science, fitness, nutrition, cognitive health, and psychology will share their expertise to enhance individual physical and mental performance, while proving real ways to put theory into practice.

With the unparalleled beauty of the Rocky Mountains as the backdrop, this summit offers practical, science-based information and proven strategies that will help you train, work, and live better.

Immersion Areas

Earn 6.0 AFLCA Continuing Education Credits

Ignite 360 has been approved for AFLCA Continuing Education Credits towards recertification. 

As part of the AFLCA recertification requirements, AFLCA Leaders are required to obtain 12 AFLCA continuing education credits or attend an eight hour AFLCA recertification course every two years and within the recertification period. Certified Fitness Trainers are required to obtain 20 professional development credits.

Earn 6.0 professional development credits and enhance your knowledge this November in the stunning Canadian Rockies with Ignite 360.