Olivia Lunny first became famous in Canada when she was just 17 years old, when her 2018 self-titled EP earned her a Western Canadian Music Award nomination for “Pop Artist of the Year.” She followed that up on the show The Launch – which led her to record a single, “I Got You,” that has been streamed more than a million times..

Her musical journey began when she was 12 years old, when her father gave her some guitar lessons. learning to play “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac, which is still one of her favorite songs to play. But, playing other people’s songs wasn’t satisfying enough for Lunny who started trying to write full songs when she was 13 or 14.

As her career started to take off, Lunny decided that she’d need to make the move to Toronto in order to pursue a music career. Not only was it a much bigger city, with more opportunities, it also was geared more toward the pop music that she was increasingly drawn to writing.

Her more recent hits “Think of Me” and “Bedsheets” show the results of the creative work she puts into her songwriting. After going through a recent breakup, she collaborated with Tyler Shaw and ended up deciding to write a song about it because if anything good comes from a breakup, it’s definitely a song!

We caught up with Lunny to chat about health and wellness and how she incorporates both into her lifestyle while creating music and life on the road.

YEGFit: What type of activities do you like to do and what makes it something you enjoy. 

Growing up I was always involved in sports! From competitive gymnastics, swimming, basketball to ultimate frisbee- I tried, and loved them all! As I’ve eased into adulthood, my love for being active has continued and become a very important part of my lifestyle. Running, lifting weights, and yoga/stretching are things that commonly take up a large chunk of my week.  I love bootcamps and HIT workouts as well.  For me, I have always loved moving my body (and running in particular) because it gives me such mental clarity mentally and physically

YEGFit: What are some challenges of keeping active while touring and performing.

Although I have never been on a long tour, I travel super often and have to readjust to different environments constantly. Finding balance within my days has proven to be the most beneficial. Through doing so i’ve learned to accept the fact that compromise is very important. Some days I’ll only be able to get a light stretch in so I have that extra energy to channel into a performance. Other days, working out before a performance makes me feel extra motivated. I think the most important thing to do is to listen to your body overall.

YEGFit: When you have a show/event, what does your day’s routine look like?

I try to keep the little things in my daily routine uniform especially on days that involve a performance.  I usually wake up early, mediate and drink a big glass of lemon water. Depending on what the rest of the day looks like I’ll do a light workout before getting show ready!

YEGFit: How do you handle the stress/mental wellness challenges that go along with being a performer.

With being very busy, stress inevitably comes often. Meditation is something that has truly transformed my mind and the way I deal with stress and nerves. I find I have become a much more patient and focused person through this.  Meditation is a great pillar to lean on when it comes to all aspects of life!

The past year I have really grown to acknowledge the “your body is a temple” mentality. I’ve realized how such small habits and practices can truly transform your life in such a positive way.  Drinking enough water, eating a nutritious diet and movement are so crucial to having quality of life! Self care and love is so important to. “Self love is not selfish!”

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