The gluten-free market is expected to reach $4.89 billion by 2021. Interestingly, only a fraction of this amount will be spent by people with an actual gluten intolerance. While only 1% of people have been diagnosed with a gluten intolerance, up to 30% of customer are opting for gluten-free products. The reasons seem to be varied and include things like nutritional health and weight loss – with only 5% doing it for what they perceive as a gluten intolerance.

Before you consider going gluten-free you should weigh the pros and the cons. If you think you may be gluten intolerant you should check with your doctor. Remember that going gluten-free is challenging as so many foods contain it, and gluten-free products are the-rising-popularity-of-the-gluten-free-diet-infographic more expensive than regular products on average. Get more information about going gluten-free in this infographic from Lakeshore Convention Centre.