It is well known that huskies love nothing better than running. With the breed’s history with the Iditarod, it should come as no surprise. If you are considering running with your Siberian husky, there are some things that you should take into consideration before you hit the trails.


To begin with, the type of food that you feed your husky can affect his ability to run well. You will need to ensure that your beautiful dog is only eating the best high protein food for Huskies. This type of food will help promote muscle building and keep his body lean and moving as well as possible.


The age of your husky friend should also be taken into consideration if you plan on running with him. If your dog is less than 6 months old, he is not old enough to go out on runs yet. If your dog is older, you might need to keep runs shorter, especially if your dog suffers from arthritis. Movement is still good at all ages, but running might not be the best choice if your dog is very young or very old.


Beyond age, you will need to confirm that your dog is already in good health. You should be seeing the veterinarian regularly regardless, but make sure your dog has a clean bill of health before pushing him out on a run.

Leash Manners

Before setting out running, you should be sure that your dog has good leash manners. The husky should be comfortable walking on a leash with you. The more he has that down, the faster that you can go with him. While many husky owners like to run their dogs off-leash, it can be dangerous for both your dog as well as yourself if the husky catches a scent and runs for it.


In addition to leash manners, you should carry a few dog treats with you for the initial work in training. This will help teach your dog what you expect from him on runs so that you don’t both wind up frustrated. Your dog should stay by your side during the run, rather than dragging you behind him.


You will need to teach your husky the right cues to follow during your run. “Heel” is a good one, because it will keep your dog back with your feet, where he will be safe. This can also prevent him from biting at your ankles or shoes. The cue “leave it” will also help prevent him from grabbing unwanted things from the road or trail. It can keep your dog from becoming too distracted by things that you don’t want him to have. “Sit” and “stay” are also vital. If you are crossing any intersections with cars, your dog will need to be able to wait until it is safe to cross. If you meet another dog along the way, your dog will need to know how to sit and wait until the encounter is over for his own safety. There is no guarantee, however. Some dogs just cannot resist the temptation of another animal, which is why the leash is so important.

If you already own a husky and are considering running, you should. Huskies are one of the best running breeds out there. They love to run and you taking your dog out will improve his quality of life in addition to improving your own health and fitness. Just give your dog time to learn the cues as well as building up strength for longer runs. He will learn right along with you.