Have you been struggling to lose weight with no successful results? Besides excessive weight being harmful to your health, it can also affect your confidence and daily living. However, we know that losing weight is not an easy task. It may require a lot of work, sacrifice, and patience. Going through the journey alone can be discouraging, sometimes hindering your results. That’s why Florida Lakes Surgical is here to walk with you throughout your weight loss journey to ensure you achieve your desired results. Consult the specialists for weight loss in Sebring for healthy and effective results. Call or book online to schedule your appointment.

Healthy weight loss; what you should know

Weight loss allows you to get rid of the harmful excess fat, lower your risk of health complications, and improve your overall health. But, achieving your healthy weight loss goal may not be that simple. It would help if you had a lot of discipline and consistency, which sometimes is hard to follow up. Having someone to support you during your journey is helpful.

Florida Lakes Surgical understands the struggles of losing weight. They offer thoughtful and evaluated weight loss programs, including medical weight management, to help you get practical results. They also offer weight loss surgery to offer lasting solutions to patients unable to lose weight the traditional way.

When on a weight loss journey, what you eat matters. Checking on your diet is a critical factor in achieving your goal. Exercising helps you to burn calories boosting your overall weight loss program.

The skilled team can also prescribe appetite suppressants, among other medications, to assist with your weight loss. Your provider evaluates every treatment before prescription to ensure it is safe.

Gastric sleeve surgery

The board-certified surgeon’s team at Florida Lakes Surgical offers a comprehensive sleeve gastrectomy to help patients achieve their weight loss goals. This procedure is helpful to patients unable to lose weight despite following other weight loss plans.

The operation involves removing a large part of your stomach. Your provider reduces your stomach size by 70-85%. The procedure also inhibits the production of ghrelin to regulate your appetite.

Florida Lakes Surgical also offers minimally invasive surgery using a laparoscope, allowing for smaller incisions, only minor complications, shorter recovery time, and improved healing.

However, gastric sleeve surgery is not suitable for everyone, and doctors suggest you try other weight loss methods first before surgery. The procedure is ideal for overweight patients with a body mass index of 35 and above or patients with medical conditions associated with weight, like diabetes.

Benefits of weight loss surgery

·       It improves heart health. Surgical weight loss lowers your risk of cardiovascular health issues, hypertension, and stroke, among others.

·       Improved fertility. Excessive weight contributes to infertility; weight loss increases your chances of having children.

·       Provides a lasting solution for type 2 diabetes

·       It enhances mental health. Weight loss helps you gain confidence, thereby boosting your emotional health.

Bottom line

Weight loss improves your health by preventing and lowering your risk of weight-related conditions. Gastric sleeve surgery allows you to achieve lasting weight loss results, among other health benefits. If you have tried diet and exercise weight loss plans without any breakthrough, Florida Lakes Surgical may be able to help. Call or book online to schedule your consultation.