Saturday Fitness Motivation

Gym partners buddies doing pull ups in a industrial looking gym, muscular fit lean men exercising

Having trouble reaching your fitness goals? Whether you are trying to shed some extra pounds or put on a bit of muscle, making tiny and consistent changes to your diet and workout routine can significantly assist your efforts.

While it is often recommended to hit the gym at least three to five days a week, it doesn’t hurt to add an extra day for other physical activities. But adding another day means that you’ll have to work out on a Saturday. Many people consider Saturday an ‘off’ day from their routine and thus it can be difficult to convince yourself to workout on this day. All you need is a bit of Saturday Fitness Motivation to break this attitude.

Working out on a Saturday will not only make it more productive but will help you reach your fitness goals significantly faster. Working out on Saturdays is especially advised if you have hit a weight loss plateau.

How to get motivated to workout on Saturdays

I know it can be tough to work out on a Saturday because of this thing in your head which keep telling you to take a rest day on the weekends. If you plan ahead and wake up early for a workout, you’ll still have a lot of time left to do other activities.

Here are some tried and tested techniques for Saturday fitness motivation. Try following these to permanently make Saturday’s your workout days.

Sleep well on Friday night

This is a no brainer. Since you’re aiming to wake up early in the morning on a Saturday, you need to get your sleep the night before. Try to go to bed eight hours before you wake up. If I were you, I would wake up before 8 am morning to get my routine going on.

Get everything out of the way

If you’re the kind of guy/girl who needs to deal with work-related communication on the weekends, I highly recommend that the first thing you do in the morning is to check your emails and get it done with. When you have answered all your emails, you’ll have the peace of mind to move on and do other things.

Workout as early as possible

An important part of Saturday fitness motivation is getting your physical activity out of the way as soon as you wake up. Grab a cup coffee, have a solid breakfast, answer your emails, and then go out and get the physical activity done. With this, you’ll be left to do anything else you want for the whole day.

Working out on Saturdays isn’t as hard as you may have thought about. Once you start seeing Saturdays as your part-time workday, you’ll never have a problem with working out. Just remember, physical activity on Saturday means you are adding extra hours to your workout routine which means you’re reaching your goals faster than ever. You’ll also finally be able to get past that weight loss plateau.