How to score free gym workouts while you're traveling? (the best tips ever!)

While there are plenty of ways to exercise even without a gym, there’s no reason to not find out how to score free gym workouts while you’re traveling? Indulging in physical training sans heavy-duty gym equipment is a possible task. But nothing beats working out on a treadmill or using weight racks.

In that case, I’ve put together a few tips that will help you earn some free gym sessions at whatever city you’re visiting.

How To Score Free Gym Workouts While You’re Traveling?

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Let me begin by making my point with an example. When you want to buy the best car speakers, what do you do? You take all the crucial factors into consideration, right? Likewise, when all you desire is a free gym workout, you need to keep a few important pointers in mind.

(Tips for staying fit while traveling)

So let’s find out what these are!

  1. Make use of guest passes

Check with your family and friends to get access to any guest passes for gyms. There’s no harm in mooching off your loved ones when need be!

  1. Ask for a free day pass at the gym

Let’s say that you find a gym while traveling. So what you can do is head to the gym and request for a free day pass. Tell them that you want to test it out before making a commitment. More often than not, this works!

  1. Get a weekly membership

Another money-saving idea is to get the gym’s membership manager to agree to provide you with weekly passes. If the gym has a $30 fee for an entire month, a weekly pass will only amount to anything less than $10. And that doesn’t sound like such an expensive deal!

  1. Search for boutique studios online

If commercial local gyms don’t allow free or cheap access, you have another solution. Go online and look for different gym boutique studios around the city. Normally, such places do offer free deals to first-timers.

How To Workout Without A Gym While You’re Traveling?

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How to score free gym workouts while you're traveling? Well, the answer is discussed in detail right above this section. And now it’s time to find out what lies on the other side of the coin. Your travel workout routine doesn’t necessarily require a gym. All you need is 20 minutes and dedication towards fitness and health.

The method of exercising without heavy machinery is something you can adopt in your hotel room and even at home.

At such times, what you need to focus on is a full body workout routine. This type of physical training helps in building those muscles as much as you like. It even contributes to burning fat and keeping the heart in good shape. In fact, working out without weights and sets burns more calories because you end up using all your body weight for training.

So these are the four different types of exercises that make up a full body workout routine:

  • Push-ups for your triceps, shoulders, and chest.
  • Pull-ups for your forearms, biceps, and back.
  • Core exercises for your lower back and abs.
  • And lastly, leg workout.

What does this tell you? It means that you can work on all the muscles present in the body just by performing four exercises. Now it’s time to find out how to go about working out this way.

You begin by warming up. So you can do 25-30 jumping jacks, 15-20 squats, 10 lunges for each leg, 10 push-ups, 10 hip raises, and 25-30 more jumping jacks. During this time, please make sure that you don’t take a long break between the exercises. In that case, warming up should not take more than 4-5 minutes.

The next course of action is to perform all the four exercises in about 15 minutes. And make sure that your form is perfect for every repetition. What I’ve done is divided the sessions into three different levels. If you’re a beginner, please opt for level 1. Otherwise, you can select level 2 or 3.

Level 1 workout routine:

  • 20-25 squats
  • 15-20 push-ups
  • 10-15 one-arm luggage rows
  • 10-15 reverse crunches

Level 2 workout routine:

  • 25-30 overhead squats
  • 20-25 push-ups
  • 10-15 inverted rows
  • 15-20 reverse crunches

Level 3 workout routine:

  • 25-30 jumping squats
  • 20-25 push-ups
  • 10-15 inverted rows
  • 15-20 reverse crunches

After the end of the session, it’s important to stretch. So here’s a video that shows you what to do:

[YouTube video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qC7960yMaxA]

You should know that there are apps that help you with tracking your physical training. These apps know how to keep your movements, reps, and overall workout in check. So when traveling, make use of a little bit of technology if you don’t have access to heavy-duty gym machinery.

Final Note

So I hope you found the answer to the question, how to score free gym workouts while you’re traveling? Just remember that finding free or inexpensive ways to get access to gyms is just like any other process. For example, choosing the best 18650 battery or getting a pair of workout shoes. What I mean to say is that the process involves taking several factors into consideration. And once you do that, the task becomes easier to accomplish.

If you’re a fitness enthusiast, staying in shape is what you do when you’re not traveling. But when the situation changes, it tends to mess up everything. So this post should help you get back on track even during vacation, relocation, or business trip.

And it’s always a better idea to be prepared for both working out with and without gym equipment. So tell me, do your physical training sessions involve the use of machinery?

Do you have any more valuable tips to offer? Please do so if you think they’re worth sharing. You can drop in your thoughts and feedback in the comments section below.

I hope the article helped in solving your problem. And I hope you come back again for more!

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