For decades, implants were the number one treatment option for increasing the size of the buttocks, but that has all changed in recent years. The Brazilian butt lift is a cutting-edge procedure that is going to enhance your buttocks while getting rid of unwanted fat in other areas of the body. It is an ideal option for anyone who is ready to enjoy an eye-catching silhouette that they can be proud of. Here is a closer look at how the procedure is carried out and a few of the reasons why you might make an excellent candidate. 

An Overview of the BBL

Fat grafting is more popular than ever, and it continues to be one of the leading options for those who would like to quickly and safely sculpt various areas of the body. During the BBL procedure, the surgeon is going to carefully harvest fat cells from a donor site. While almost any site can be chosen, most patients decide to have the fat removed from the midsection. Once the fat has been removed, it must then be inspected and refined. In order to create world-class results, only healthy fat cells can be transplanted. When a sufficient amount of fat has been harvested and refined, it can then be injected into the buttocks. 

Creating Natural Results

As you can see from the Brazilian butt lift before and after photos, this treatment can produce amazing results. In addition to enhancing the size of the buttocks, this operation will also create a well-balanced appearance. Your surgeon can focus on the upper half of the buttocks as well so that it looks perkier and more youthful. If you have been unhappy with your body because your derriere looks flat or deflated, then you will most likely make an excellent candidate. 

What to Expect

This procedure is carried out over the course of two stages, and the patient will either be given a general anesthetic or local anesthetic depending on the location of the donor site. You should arrive at the treatment center early so that you have plenty of time to get comfortable and fill out any necessary paperwork, and a loved one must be ready to take you home following the operation. The procedure itself usually takes two to four hours to complete. After the anesthetic has been administered, the surgeon will make one or two small incisions near the donor area. They will then extract the fatty tissue with a small tool known as a cannula. 

Once the fat has been extracted, it will go through a device that refines it until only the pure fat cells are left. With that fat, your surgeon can then begin the process of injecting multiple doses into the buttocks. To complete the procedure, the surgeon will suture the incisions shut and place compression garments over the treatment sites. 

Enjoying Your New Body

Following your BBL procedure, you will need to plan on recovering for at least five days, and you must avoid sitting directly on your buttocks during that time. After five days, most of the side effects should disappear or be very minimal. Once the inflammation and discoloration are completely gone, you are going to be left with the fuller buttocks that you have always wanted. Many patients enjoy the results of this procedure for five years or longer, and the donor site should remain slim as long as you maintain healthy lifestyle habits and your weight doesn’t fluctuate. If you have looked over some Brazilian Butt lift before and after photos and think that you might be a good candidate, then you should schedule your first consultation with a cosmetic surgeon right away.