Deciding to adopt a dog is a huge commitment, but once you consider all the relevant factors and choose to move forward, there are many more challenges to face. First and foremost is which breed you will be compatible with and for whom you can meet the needs. If you’re looking for a dog breed best for protection, visit Each breed is unique, and within those breeds, individual dogs have their own distinct personalities that might contradict the commonalities of the breed slightly. 

What will be universal is the need for space. Not only is a pup going to need real estate within your home for all of his own things (and pet supplies for all dogs breed are pretty much consistent – toys, dishes, blankets, bed, leash, harness, food, treats, toys, did we mention toys. You get the idea), he’s going to want playing outside.

Dogs need exercise – lots. Whether you live in a single-family home with a yard or an apartment with a dog park nearby, there needs to be a designated spot where the puppy can have plenty of playtime, with regular walks a couple of times each day. But how can you be sure you’ve chosen the right dog?

Are Human And Pup Going To Live Happily Ever After?

As with any life choice, there is a “honeymoon phase” while you adjust to the “newness” of the situation. It’s especially true when you bring a new addition into your environment. Each of you is unsure of the other with time needed to familiarize yourself with habits, personalities, and behaviors. 

Before you get to that point, it’s essential to take into consideration your lifestyle and how another life will fit into that. Certain breeds of dog require much more time and energy than others, so if you’re an incredibly busy workaholic, this type of pup would not be happy with you (most animals would be unhappy if you’re never home.)  

If you merely need an animal to stand guard of your property that you will keep in the yard with a doghouse and a tie – please don’t get one. Invest in security cameras or an alarm system. These can better tolerate extreme temperatures and don’t thrive on love and affection. 

If you have other requirements or want a pup who will enhance your general overall health and wellness (and vice versa) read here for dogs that fit the bill. 

Considerations Not All Potential Pet Parents Think About

When researching breeds, features, sizes, and looking at your particular living space, there might be things that you neglect to consider as you start to narrow down the selections. 

  • Big Dog: You may feel that you’re inclined to lean towards a larger dog, but then if you happen to reside in a studio or a small one-bedroom, a Great Dane, for example, could become quite agitated roaming throughout such a cramped area. This breed requires exercise, so this size home and likely lack of yard would be of detriment to the animal. Unless there is a nearby dog park where she can expel her energy and trails for walking, you should move on to a more suitable option.
  • Little Dogs: Size has nothing on these little guys as most small pups are incredibly hyper with a need for much activity. If you don’t have plenty of time to physically and mentally entertain until the battery wears down, which could take an extended period of time, some of these breeds would be too much for you to handle. 
  • Hair: This might seem trivial, but it can become a real problem for some pet parents in the way of shedding, grooming, and knots. These are definitely things to think about. A dog with beautiful long locks can be a nightmare when they come inside with bugs, dirt, and creepy crawlies tangled into their fur, or after taking an especially refreshing mud bath. 

A puppy is a furry version of a baby inclusive of the expenses such as “doctor bills.” These include dental visits, vaccinations, injuries, illnesses, preventatives (fleas, heartworms, microchipping.) And if we’re being honest, it’s genuinely beneficial if you have space and can afford the expense to have two for companionship. Go to this link to get tips for new pet parents.

When you’ve gone through all the obstacles and come out ready to commit, the experience will equate to the most loving friendship you could ever realize. And truth-be-told when you go out on your search, your puppy will ultimately find you.